Atlantic City, New Kersey Wildlife Removal & Control

Whether you live or work in Atlantic City, NJ you know that wildlife can be a nuisance. We’re so close to so much of it! Wildlife removal in Atlantic City, NJ can feel like just a necessary part of life. But it doesn’t have to be an annoying process. Call the experts at Trutech. We have comprehensive animal control and nuisance wildlife removal services in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Let us help you get your unwanted pests and nuisance animals under control.

Nuisance Wildlife Control in Atlantic City

We live in a World Famous Playground and we have the Atlantic City Boardwalk and Boardwalk Hall, not to mention the Atlantic City Convention Center. With so many people coming and going, so many events, and so much scenery, of course we have pest removal needs. It doesn’t have to be a difficult situation. Let the experts at Trutech help you land on the right square here in Monopoly City. Calling Trutech can be your “get out of jail free” card because we have the expertise you need for wildlife removal in Atlantic City, NJ. Some of the most common animals that our wildlife control services help to remove include squirrels, raccoons, rats, and birds.

Birds Control

We are a city on the water with birds are everywhere. But there are things you can do and measures you can take to remove birds in the attic or in the house. If bird droppings are causing problems or the birds themselves are becoming pests in or around your home or business, call the experts at Trutech. We know how to perform safe and effective bird removal to help keep your home and business be the safe, clean space you want. We can also do repair and exclusion work to keep the birds from returning. Keep those birds out of your attic.

Raccoon Removal

Here in Atlantic City, we basically have the “perfect storm” for potential raccoon damage. We have lots of people, lots of food, and raccoons don’t need much encouragement. They are always on the lookout for free food. Garbage cans, leftovers and even pet food left outside are all like raccoon magnets. But when you see raccoon damage — or the actual critters — we encourage you not to interact with them. Raccoon trapping is tricky and they can carry some pretty nasty diseases.

For your raccoon trapping and raccoon removal needs, start with Trutech. We have local, trained experts ready for trapping the raccoon and removing it from your premises. We can also take steps to make sure the raccoons do not come back.

Squirrel Control

Squirrels are smaller than raccoons, but the problems are similar. If you have squirrels in the attic, in the garbage, or just generally too many around your home or business — it’s time to call in the experts. Squirrel damage can escalate quickly, and you need to get to work right away with your squirrel removal and squirrel exclusion solutions. You need Trutech, your trusted source for wildlife removal in Atlantic City, NJ. Call our team for squirrel removal today.

Rat Removal

Mice, rats, and other rodents seem like a fact of life in a coastal town. But they don’t have to be in your home or office. Before you start rat trapping, let Trutech advise you. We can help with the proper methods so you don’t have start all over again. When you see rat droppings, it’s time to start working on rat exclusion from your home or office. Rat removal doesn’t have to feel like an exercise in futility — let your local Trutech experts help you!

Opossum Control

Opossums are sorta neat looking, but that’s not a reason to keep them around. They are looking for places to live and raise a family — but that shouldn’t be in your home or office. If you’re looking for opossum removal or opossum deterrents, look no further than Trutech. You have found us, the Atlantic City opossum trapping experts. Let us help you with opossum removal and let us help you keep them out, too.

When to Call an Animal Removal Professional

The bottom line when it comes to wildlife control in Atlantic City, NJ is that no matter what the animal is, you should contact a local wildlife removal specialist to remove the animal, even if it looks or seems harmless. You will return to your pest-free life faster, and more safely. Our technicians know how to remove the nuisance wildlife without putting you, your family, your pets, or your property in any danger.

Our professional animal control technicians are expertly trained to handle any situation quickly and efficiently so you can be at peace. Contact us today to learn more about Trutech animal control technicians and our wildlife services for Atlantic City, NJ.

Customer Testimonial

Just wanted to let you know that I am a very happy and satisfied customer here in NJ. Travis H. was a pleasure to work with and did a great job. He stayed in touch with me during the whole process of trapping the squirrels I had in the ceiling of my garage and was always available to answer any questions or concerns. He is a super employee to be representing your company, and I will surely recommend him in the future. Thank you!

Chris – Ocean City, NJ


Our company provides the following animal removal services for our esteemed customers:

  • We specialize in bird, bat, and squirrel control, and much more.
  • We can close off any potential entry point at your Atlantic City home so rodents or other animals cannot re-enter.
  • We will also remove old insulation that may have been tainted or destroyed by an infestation, and we will replace it with new, energy-efficient insulation.
  • Our service includes wildlife removal for pests that have perished in your home or business, and we will apply our odor elimination techniques.

Animal Control & Removal

Our animal control technicians are on call to respond in the case of an emergency.

Trutech Pledge

Our staff of experts can be trusted to handle local wildlife, as well as bird or bat issues. We have college educated biologists, entomologists, and herpetologists, as well as specially trained staff to handle even the trickiest issues in your Atlantic City, NJ,  home or business. With more than 100 years of combined experience in wildlife removal, our technicians will not stop until the pests plaguing your home or business have. That’s a guarantee.

Trutech values customer satisfaction. Our trained and licensed staff, with more than 100 years of combined experience, will not stop working until the wildlife issues in your Atlantic City, NJ, home or business have been resolved. We’re so confident in our removal expertise, we promise to handle your animal control problems with care and precision.

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