Nevada Wildlife Removal & Control Services

Animal Control, Removal, Trapping & Exclusion Services in NV

Our Animal Control Technicians are licensed and insured in the State of Nevada, and we are confident we can handle any wildlife removal problem you may have. We are equipped to control numerous wildlife species. These specialists can even help with dead animal removal, insulation removal and replacement, and repair or exclusion services. We service most of the State of Nevada for any of your Animal Control or Pest Removal needs. You are never far from a Trutech technician!

Top Nuisance Wildlife by Season in Nevada

If you live in the State of Nevada, you may experience a problem with many types of animals. Local Trutech technicians have noticed an increase in people needing help with these, in particular, the following times of year:

Fall – Bats, Birds, Opossums, Pigeons, Raccoons, Rats, Skunks, Squirrels, Yellow Jackets, Wasps

Winter – Birds, Opossums, Pigeons, Raccoons, Rats, Squirrels

Spring – Bats, Bees, Birds, Honeybees, Moles, Pigeons, Snakes, Wasps

Summer – Bats, Bees, Birds, Mice, Moles, Pigeons, Rats, Skunks, Snakes, Yellow Jackets


Wildlife problems become nothing but a memory after the experts at Trutech design a custom pest removal strategy for your Nevada home. Our specialists are skilled in the fields of entomology, herpetology, and biology, so they can put their experience to use while devising the best course of action for your particular pest problem. The team of technicians are even capable of eradicating airborne nuisances such as bats, birds, and flying squirrels.

We are fully committed to complete customer satisfaction. Our talented workers don’t let up until the job is done, and will stop at nothing to rid your Nevada home or business of persistent pests. With over 100 combined years of experience in the field of animal control, Trutech is your perfect ally in the battle against problematic wildlife.