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Animal Removal, Trapping & Exclusion Services in NV

We call it the Wild West, but that’s more about our history or maybe the nightlife, or the way we still celebrate our hobbies. When it comes to wildlife removal in Nevada, we want a proven, effective, easy, and modern approach. There’s no “high noon” for stinging insects. You can’t challenge a raccoon to a duel or call a mob hit on the mice in your kitchen cabinets.

There are better ways to deal with your nuisance wildlife removal in Nevada. It’s time to look to Trutech, Nevada’s wildlife removal experts. We are your team of proven experts -- we know wildlife and we know Nevada. If you’re looking for a hometown team with proven tactics and results (and that is exactly what you should be looking for!), you have found us!

To quote the flag, we are “battle born.” We get it, there’s a time where you might want to fight your own battles or try to conquer nature. We humbly suggest that pest control in Nevada is not that time. You don’t have time to figure out how to keep that Nevada wildlife out in the wild where it’s supposed to be. At Trutech, our Animal Control Technicians are licensed, insured, and equipped to handle any wildlife removal problem you may be experiencing.

Get an inspection and make sure it’s not rats or other animals making a home in your rafters. Trutech has local teams ready to be dispatched to your property for removal of dead animals, trapping and control services, and exclusion and repair to prevent future infestation.

Areas Served

We all love living in Nevada, and it’s not hard to see why. Our great cities, tourism, and the many, many ways to spend time outside; life is good in Nevada. It’s also the people who make it great, especially in Las Vegas and the communities here: Boulder City, Lake Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Sunrise Manor. If you’ve lived here for any length of time, you’ve seen the developing, changing, and growth of Las Vegas over the years. It’s not all about the gambling.

We have developing arts and cultural programs, trails in Red Rock, boating and recreation in Lake Mead, and the history and science of the Hoover Dam (did you know there’s enough concrete in the dam to pave a highway to New York?). Of course, don’t forget Death Valley, The Grand Canyon, or everything up in Lake Tahoe. The tourists come for the designer shopping, premium events, and casinos. We, locals, know there’s also railroad history, fascinating wildlife, federally owned lands, plenty of nice residential areas that feel like home and a rotating slate of festivals so the fun and culture come to us, we don’t have to leave. The Silver State has a little of everything.

If you’re in Las Vegas, you’re not too far from a Trutech service agent.  We’ve got you covered. The Trutech service pledge covers the neighborhoods of Las Vegas (including Boulder City, Lake Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Sunrise Manor) and we can’t wait to help you. For your wildlife removal in Nevada, you’re never far from a Trutech technician!

But these wonderful spaces make it easy for squirrels, wasps, rodents, snakes, and many other pests to call Nevada home. Make sure they don’t call your home their home. Let Trutech be the bouncer for your home!

Top Nuisance Wildlife by Season in Nevada

If you live in Nevada, you’ve probably experienced problems with at least some of the following wildlife pests. Even with our warm winters and just “warmer” summers Nevada, it’s likely that your pest problems are somewhat seasonal. We’ve noticed an increase of support calls for help with the following animals in different seasons:

Fall – Bats, Birds, Opossums, Pigeons, Raccoons, Rats, Skunks, Squirrels, Stinging Insects

Winter – Birds, Opossums, Pigeons, Raccoons, Rats, Squirrels

Spring – Bats, Birds, Moles, Pigeons, Snakes, Stinging Insects

Summer – Bats, Birds, Mice, Moles, Pigeons, Rats, Skunks, Snakes, Stinging Insects

The Trutech Pledge

Our customers deserve the most professional and effective animal control services available. Trutech has technicians with degrees in biology, entomology (bugs), and herpetology (snakes) as well as expert chiropterists (bet you didn’t know that’s what a bat expert is called) and ornithologists (birds).

Our technicians bring more than a century of combined experience to your Nevada home or business and solving your wildlife removal and pest exclusion needs is our only goal. If you have an animal problem, we’ve seen it -- and solved it -- before. We never quit and our job isn’t done until your animal control problem is removed.

You can depend on our licensed and insured technicians to strategically assess, completely remove, and provide a long-term solution for your Nevada wildlife problems. Total customer satisfaction is the only acceptable outcome. We believe it so strongly, we guarantee it.