St. Charles Animal Removal

Wildlife Control in St. Charles, Missouri and Surrounding Communities

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Bats in St. Charles

The riverside city of St. Charles, MO, has plenty of waterways that serve as insect breeding grounds. This steady food source attracts several species of bats. While the flying mammals help by eating insects, they may come into conflict with people when they take shelter in buildings.

Bat colonies often roost in attics, sheds, and barns. When these animals nest in or near St. Charles homes, residents are at risk for disease. Bat guano, which builds up under roosts, contains the airborne pathogens that cause histoplasmosis. The pests are also known rabies carriers.

Canada Geese in Missouri

Common in St. Charles subdivisions and urban areas, Canada goose populations are on the rise. Migratory and resident birds often breed together, but their offspring imprint on the location and stay where they are born. This cycle results in larger flocks living in the region year-round, causing issues for Missouri residents.

Canada geese feed on grass, destroying lawns, parks, and golf courses. In addition, Canada goose droppings pollute waterways and are a public health concern. These large birds also become hostile when protecting their nests and young.