Edwardsville Animal Removal

Wildlife Control in Edwardsville, Illinois and Surrounding Communities

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Predatory Wildlife in Edwardsville

Edwardsville, IL, has a mild climate and many wooded areas that attract wildlife. Some animals wander near homes to hunt prey or forage for food. In Illinois, the bobcat and coyote populations are increasing, especially in the southern part of the state.

These predators make loud, frightening noises and hunt small animals. When other prey is scarce, bobcats and coyotes may target pets. In addition, both can carry the rabies virus, which is dangerous for both people and animals. Bobcats also transmit diseases that affect domestic cats such as feline distemper.

Illinois Raccoons

Another common rabies carrier in Illinois is the raccoon. This pest can transmit canine distemper, a disease that spreads to both dogs and cats. Their feces often contain parasites like raccoon roundworm, which infects people and animals through tainted soil and water.

Open trash and food scraps in yards attract raccoons. The pests also climb into attics and chimneys to create dens. If cornered, a raccoon will bite or scratch to protect itself. Edwardsville residents should always avoid conflicts with raccoons due to the risk of injury and disease.