Belleville Animal Removal

Wildlife Control in Belleville, Illinois and Surrounding Communities

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Digging Lawn Pests

The temperate climate in Belleville, IL, makes it an ideal place for underground pests. Pocket gophers and moles are abundant in the area. In large numbers, these animals are a problem for homeowners because they tear up grass and soil.

Both of these lawn pests create burrows, dirt mounds, and tunnels. These holes often damage turf and give snakes, rodents, and other animals a place to live in Belleville yards. However, the pests do have some differences. While a mole feeds on insects, a pocket gopher eats roots and may kill garden plants and trees.

Feral Hogs in Illinois

Wild pigs prefer to live in muddy areas, and the rainfall in Illinois creates a perfect habitat. Adult swine reproduce year-round and have no natural predators in the state. Large feral hog herds cause extensive damage and are difficult to remove.

Feral hogs destroy Belleville lawns when rooting in the ground and eating plants and crops. Homeowners who encounter these animals are also at risk for diseases like swine brucellosis, E. coli infection, and salmonellosis. Wild pigs are smart and strong, so they can easily break through fencing to access gardens and other food sources.