Your Wildlife Removal Experts in St. Louis, Missouri

Nuisance Wildlife Removal in St. Louis

When it comes to trusted, reliable wildlife removal services in St. Louis, it doesn’t get any easier than a call to Trutech. Let our licensed and insured wildlife specialists come to you with all the tools and know-how required to remove nuisance wild animals.

Regardless of whether you reside around Belleville, Edwardsville, or even St. Charles, Trutech can help. From bats inside the attic to noisy, meddlesome squirrels and other wildlife, a single call to Trutech at our St. Louis wildlife removal office will take care of all your wild animal removal needs.

Our licensed and insured wildlife removal specialists will come to you with everything necessary to safely remove wildlife so that you can rest easy. We can also perform animal exclusion services to keep pests from coming back, remove dead animals, and clean and sanitize the area carefully to prevent other wildlife from coming near.

Bat Control

These common nocturnal critters may slip into your attic, roof, soffit, or even somewhere else in your house. Bats tend to be most energetic at evening, and can quickly turn into an infestation. That’s why it’s a good idea to call Trutech first and let our trained wildlife removal professionals handle the bat removal problem. We can also perform wildlife exclusion services to prevent them from coming back!

Squirrel Removal

Have you heard scratching and clawing in your roof and wondered what’s going on? Squirrels inside the ceiling, cellar, or anywhere else in the actual house, including flying squirrels, are a headache for numerous St. Louis homeowners. But you don’t have to deal with it alone. Our knowledgeable squirrel removal professionals can take care of squirrels in the attic or anywhere in the home.

Bird Control

Birds and their nests, as well as bird poop, can become an issue for homeowners in St. Louis. If you’ve noticed considerable bird feces or you have a bird (or birds) in your house, one call to Trutech can solve your issue. We can quickly and effectively capture and remove birds. With Trutech’s bird exclusion, we’ll prevent them from returning so you can relax, knowing that the problem is being handled by true wildlife removal professionals.

Rat Removal

If you notice scraping sounds within the walls or you notice rat droppings, it’s a smart idea to call Trutech. Let our St. Louis wildlife removal professionals check out the problem. Before you invest in baits, traps, and other deterrents (which seldom work), call Trutech. Our St. Louis wildlife experts come to you and devise a plan for rat removal and exclusion to keep them from coming back!

Raccoon Removal

Hearing things in the walls or in the attic? Noises in your trash late at night? You could have a raccoon issue. Fortunately, Trutech can help. Our wildlife removal team in St. Louis can efficiently extract the raccoon (or raccoons) that are causing you a headache. We can also take care of exclusion services so they won’t return. Get the job done right by calling Trutech for raccoon removal today!
Many of our wildlife removal specialists have extensive background knowledge about all types of wild animal removal. Our experience in animal behavior allows us to know precisely where these critters may be hiding and safely remove them. Call Trutech so that you can rest easy, knowing that your wildlife removal problem is being handled by true professionals. From the very first call you’ll know you’re working with St. Louis’s best wildlife removal company!

When Should I Call a Wildlife Removal Specialist?

If you think you might have a wildlife issue, call a specialist immediately to look for the extent of the damage or the problem. Even though you may have just seen droppings or tracks, it’s a good idea to call Trutech. Our professional wildlife removal team will ascertain the extent of the issue as well as formulate a plan to help deal with your wildlife woes. Whether you call Edwardsville or St. Charles home, or you live in Belleville or nearby communities in St. Louis, call our licensed and insured wildlife removal experts today!