Wildlife Control and Removal in Kansas City

When it comes to wildlife removal in Kansas City, you want the most effective and safest method possible, which is why you’ll want to call Trutech. 

There is no one-size-fits-all solution; each job requires a custom approach. We inspect every home and build a custom plan to resolve any wildlife problems.

Our Integrated Wildlife and Pest Control programs aim to humanely remove and prevent any future intrusions. We provide full home exclusions in which we repair and restore your home from the damage caused by the animal(s).

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Inspection & Wildlife Removal

Every unique animal problem begins with an initial inspection. Our Wildlife Consultant will investigate the property for signs of wildlife. Our Wildlife Consultant creates and implements a custom wildlife program to solve your pest animal problems.

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Animal Proofing Your Home

Once the animal has safely been removed, it is important to prevent any future animal intruders. Habitat modifications and home exclusions are two of the most effective and humane methods to keep animals out of your home.

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Animal Damage Repair

Once your home is secure, it is vital to restore your home. Wild animals do not make the best house guests. Trutech offers services to repair the damage, close entry points, and disinfect affected areas.

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Nuisance Wildlife in Southeastern Oklahoma

Raccoon Removal

Raccoon Removal

Raccoons inhabit all parts of the state, tend to stay near a reliable source of water, and are comfortable in urban areas. Raccoons can wreak havoc trying to gain entry to your home and cause significant damage creating a den in your attic. They can cause a mess of garbage and destroy home gardens and birdfeeders. Because they are nocturnal, you’ll most likely hear a loud thumbing at night if you have an attic.

Live trapping is the most common removal technique and exclusion techniques include securing food sources and closing any entry points.

Squirrel Control

Squirrel field1

Squirrels can cause considerable damage to your home. The gray squirrel, the fox squirrel, and the southern flying squirrel are all native to Missouri. 

Squirrels are active during the day so you might hear squealing, running, or gnawing early in the morning. Squirrels' teeth never stop growing so they constantly gnaw and chew damaging attic insulation, fraying electrical wire, and destroying house structures.

Squirrels can impact your quality of life. They are active from dawn to dusk. The most common sign of squirrels is the sound of scurrying early in the morning.

To effectively remove squirrels, the wildlife technician will employ a variety of tactics such as live trapping, one-way doors, deterrents, and direct capture.


Gopher Control


Proximity to the Missouri River makes Kansas City an ideal habitat for the plains pocket gopher.

You probably won’t see a gopher or encounter one in your home. A gopher is identified by their burrow and a large mound of dirt that sits above the tunnel. Their preferred diet is pieces of plants accessible underground.

Gopher control is most effective during spring and fall when gophers are most active near the surface. Activity is usually indicated by fresh mounds of soil. Time, energy, and resources can be wasted by trying to control gophers in an unoccupied burrow. Baiting and trapping are the two most practical and efficient methods.

Mice Pest Control


If you hear scraping sounds in the walls or you see droppings, it’s a good idea to call Trutech. 

Total mice removal takes more than a few mouse traps. Because rats can up to six litters a year consisting of eight to eighteen pups, effective rodent control requires proper rodent population control and prevention.

The standard mouse trapping duration is normally 5-14 days. We will evaluate the extent of the rodent infestation. We’ll remove the mice and perform mouse exclusion services to prevent them from coming back into your home or office.


Bat Removal

bat Removal

Big Brown Bat, Cave Myotis, Eastern Red Bat, Hoary Bat, Mexican Free-tail bat and the Tri-Colored bat all have ranges that include McAlester.

Bats in the attic, or elsewhere in your home, can be a particularly troublesome nuisance. Not only do they make a lot of noise, but their nests and droppings can negatively affect your health and the health of your family.

Bat guano is the surest sign you have bats and the greatest risk to your health. A large accumulation of guano can lead to structural issues and spread two fungal diseases.

Mole Control

mole in the ground

Moles create extensive underground tunnels only a few inches from the surface. The ridges of upheaved soil are one of the most recognizable signs of moles in your lawn.

Moles use their large paddle-like front paws to "swim" through the soil. Mole tunnels can damage lawns and uproot plants.

Moles can be kept away from garden plots by installing fencing buried at least a foot into the ground, as well. The use of mole traps is a valid control option but requires the knowledge and expertise of wildlife professionals.

Snake Control


Of the forty-five snakes native to Oklahoma, eight are venomous. But all snakes are beneficial to the environment. If you have a snake in your home, avoid killing it.

A snake enters a home looking for food. If you need snake removal in mcAlester, you likely have rats or mice in your house too.

Not only will Trutech safely remove the snake but also the technician will inspect for any other pest animals. Once all wildlife has been removed, we'll prevent any future pest animal infestations.


Beaver Control


Beaver dams create thriving ecosystems, but nuisance beavers also cause flooding in residential areas and on public lands. Beavers are extremely diligent workers and will continue causing issues until they are removed from the property.

Consult a professional wildlife technician before you attempt to remove beavers from your property.

Due to certain state and federal laws, attempting to remove beaver dams can result in costly fines or jail time.

Beavers target an area and work there consistently until they need more resources. As a result, they will develop a “slide.” These are visible mudslides that the beavers create from repeatedly going in and out of the water. It’s important to locate beaver slides in order to have a more successful trapping session.

The process of beaver removal typically takes 10-14 days.

Chipmunk Control

chipmunk on a rock

Chipmunks pose no real danger to human. They rarely enter homes but will explore basements and crawlspaces for food. The more pressing threat is damage to lawns and gardens. Their burrows are quite extensive that include areas for sleeping, storing food, defecating, and give birth.

There are all sorts of chipmunk repellents, deterrents, and baits on the market, but these do little to truly get rid of chipmunks.

You need a much more robust and dedicated plan to get rid of these pests To keep chipmunks away from homes and gardens, cover vulnerable areas with hardware cloth or wire mesh and seal any cracks or holes along exterior walls.

Moving bird feeders away from homes also discourages chipmunks from burrowing near human dwellings. The odor of moth balls may also repel the rodents.

When Should I Call a Wildlife Removal Specialist?

The best time to call a wildlife removal company in Kansas City is at the first signs of nuisance wildlife.

While an animal is left unattended in your attic, crawlspace, basement, or in your walls, they are damaging your home and ruining your quality of life.

Before you set a trap to catch wildlife in your home, ask yourself:

    1. Are you prepared to kill the trapped animal?
    2. Do you know how to properly dispose of an animal carcass?
    3. Do you know how to release a trapped animal?
    4. Do you know what bait should be used to ensure you catch the targeted species?
    5. Do you know how frequently you must check a trap set to capture wildlife?

Why Choose a Trutech for Your Wildlife Removal Company

Trutech Wildlife Technicians are equipped to handle any nuisance wildlife in your home or business. They will safely remove any attic invaders like raccoons, rats, mice, and squirrels and protect your lawn from skunks, opossums, chipmunks, and armadillos.

Trutech can also protect your lawn and home from stinging insects like wasps, hornets, bees, mosquitos, and fire ants.

When you call our Kansas City wildlife removal team, we come to you with all the tools and expertise needed to determine the problem and take steps to solve the problem. We can repair some of the damage caused by wild animals, including nest removal, feces removal, and dead animal removal, to name a few.

When you work with the wildlife removal professionals at Trutech, you can feel confident that the job is being done right. We handle pests large and small, dangerous and docile, so you can reclaim your home, lawn, garden, and more from common pests and nuisance animals in McAlester and surrounding areas.



The largest city in Missouri, Kansas City has an abundant population and a humid, continental climate. Property owners in the area sometimes have trouble with armadillos because of their digging and rooting behaviors. In addition to destroying landscaping and gardens, the pests excavate burrows under homes, which can result in property damage. Groundhogs also undermine foundations with their burrowing habits. They can easily destroy concrete bases, driveways, and porches. Kansas City is also home to white-tailed deer. Facing increasing habitat loss, herds of deer are invading urban and suburban areas in search of food and shelter. The pests damage plants, gardens, and landscaping, in addition to serving as host animals for Lyme disease-carrying ticks. Raccoons are also hosts for fleas, ticks, and other parasites that can affect pets and people. In addition, the nuisance animals are carriers of rabies. They invade Kansas City yards to rummage through garbage, eat pet food, and construct dens.

Animal Control & Removal

Our animal removal technicians are on call to respond in the case of an emergency.

Trutech Pledge

With more than 100 years of combined experience in the wildlife removal industry, Trutech’s licensed and insured technicians are skilled in resolving animal control issues in your Kansas City, MO, home or business. You can count on our wildlife removal specialists, biologists, entomologists, and herpetologists to handle any animal control request, including bat and bird removal. Our team at Trutech is confident in our ability to manage all animal control situations. The specialists we hire take customer satisfaction seriously, which is why our licensed technicians do not stop working until all wildlife control problems in Kansas City, MO, homes and businesses are solved.

Service Area

Trutech services the Kansas City metropolitan areas including Overland Park, Kansas City, Kansas; Independence, Missouri; St. Joseph, Missouri.


Debra Miller


2 years ago

Alex was great! He caught the two raccoons in my attic and also "Pete" the Possum that has been hanging around my chicken coop out back. No more disappearing whole loaves of bread (w/o a trace!!) from my kitchen! I thought I was going nuts!

Stephanie Cook


4 years ago

Joe from Trutech Wildlife Service came out to our house and did an extensive inspection. He found the squirrels in our attic. He trapped, sealed, and sanitized. He was very nice and professional. If you have any wildlife or pest problems I highly recommend this company.

MF Wal


4 years ago

Quick, thorough and polite service!

Lawrence Morris


4 years ago

Joe and Trutech solved my problem with chipmunks and mice. They continually monitor to keep the rodents in check. Joe is very friendly and easy to work with. I would recommend Joe and Trutech to anyone that has a problem with wildlife. They are the best!

Laura Hinton


2 years ago

Alex with Trutech was professional and knowledgable!

Todd Moore


4 years ago

Great service and follow ups, even took the time to repair the damages to the vent and roof that the raccoon/tree caused. Joe is the man!

KELLIE Campbell


4 years ago

I would recommend Trutech! We had momma and baby raccoons living in our attic. We had Joe come out and he has been amazing. He has come as many times as needed and always has been so helpful and positive. He comes in a timely manner, and returns calls we we have needed him. Raccoons are out and we are happy customers!! If we need Joe again, I'm sure he will be back in a flash!

Cheryl Langford


9 months ago

I want to take a moment to brag about the employees of Trutech. From Rachel in the office take took my initial call to Mason who was my service guy. I was at a complete panic, but Mason was so calming when he came out. I felt like good customer service does still exist. When it came to a billing issue, I was put in contact with Alex and he was very understanding and helpful. I will definitely use and recommend their services. Thank you guys so much and have a blessed safe New Year.

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