Kansas City, Missouri Wildlife Removal & Control

Concerned you have an animal in the attic? Need to get rid of raccoons? One call to Trutech takes care of it all. Trust our wildlife removal experts to help you get rid of rats, squirrels, snakes, raccoons, and more and help prevent them from coming back.

Wildlife Control in Kansas City

From birds to bats, as well as larger creatures like opossums, moles, and dead animal removal, one call to Trutech will make your wildlife removal worries a thing of the past. We handle all types of animals, including venomous snakes, bats, raccoons, squirrels, and much more. If you suspect a wildlife problem in or around your home, or you’ve seen a wild animal in your home, don’t take chances with a trap — call Trutech first.

Raccoon Removal

Raccoons might look approachable, but they may also carry disease which can put you, your family or your pets in harm’s way. Don’t take chances, give Trutech’s wildlife removal office in Kansas City a call today and we’ll bring all the tools needed for raccoon removal so you can rest easy.

Opossum Control

Opossums generally only come out at night, but these typically docile creatures can make a mess. If an opossum has gotten into your home or you need help with opossum control, call our wildlife removal professionals to get the job done right and make your opossum worries a thing of the past.

Dead Animal Removal

Dead animals can attract other wildlife, which is why it’s important that you contact Trutech right away to handle dead animal removal in or around your Kansas City home. Not only will we remove the animal, but we will also clean and sanitize the area to prevent other animals from coming around.

Bird Removal

Birds and their nests can leave quite a mess on your hands. If you’ve got birds in the attic or have found a bird in your home, call Trutech right away to handle it all. Our experience bird removal experts can take steps to remove the bird or birds as well as their nests so that you can have confidence that the job is done to your complete satisfaction.

In addition to birds, we can also remove squirrels, bats, rats and provide related pest control services to keep these animals from coming back and making a mess in your home or property.

When to Call an Animal Removal Professional

If you have these or any other animals in or around your home, it’s important that you not try DIY animal removal. Instead, call Trutech to speak with one of our wildlife control professionals about your animal issue. We’ll come to you to not only remove the offending animal (or animals) but also help seal up any access points that may give the animal an easy way into your home.

Trutech’s Kansas City team not only understands the different types of wildlife that call Kansas City and its surrounding areas home but also have decades of combined experience and the right tools to remove any unwanted pests that have taken shelter in your home or on your property. If you suspect you have a pest problem, contact the professionals at Trutech immediately. Our team can come out and help determine the severity of the problem, then present a plan to both remove the animals and keep them from returning. Contact us today and get back your pest-free peace of mind.



The largest city in Missouri, Kansas City has an abundant population and a humid, continental climate. Property owners in the area sometimes have trouble with armadillos because of their digging and rooting behaviors. In addition to destroying landscaping and gardens, the pests excavate burrows under homes, which can result in property damage. Groundhogs also undermine foundations with their burrowing habits. They can easily destroy concrete bases, driveways, and porches.

Kansas City is also home to white-tailed deer. Facing increasing habitat loss, herds of deer are invading urban and suburban areas in search of food and shelter. The pests damage plants, gardens, and landscaping, in addition to serving as host animals for Lyme disease-carrying ticks. Raccoons are also hosts for fleas, ticks, and other parasites that can affect pets and people. In addition, the nuisance animals are carriers of rabies. They invade Kansas City yards to rummage through garbage, eat pet food, and construct dens.

Animal Control & Removal

Our animal removal technicians are on call to respond in the case of an emergency.

Trutech Pledge

With more than 100 years of combined experience in the wildlife removal industry, Trutech’s licensed and insured technicians are skilled in resolving animal control issues in your Kansas City, MO, home or business. You can count on our wildlife removal specialists, biologists, entomologists, and herpetologists to handle any animal control request, including bat and bird removal.

Our team at Trutech is confident in our ability to manage all animal control situations. The specialists we hire take customer satisfaction seriously, which is why our licensed technicians do not stop working until all wildlife control problems in Kansas City, MO, homes and businesses are solved.

Service Area

Trutech services the Kansas City metropolitan areas including Overland Park, Kansas City, Kansas; Independence, Missouri; -->


Debra Miller


a year ago

Alex was great! He caught the two raccoons in my attic and also "Pete" the Possum that has been hanging around my chicken coop out back. No more disappearing whole loaves of bread (w/o a trace!!) from my kitchen! I thought I was going nuts!

Stephanie Cook


4 years ago

Joe from Trutech Wildlife Service came out to our house and did an extensive inspection. He found the squirrels in our attic. He trapped, sealed, and sanitized. He was very nice and professional. If you have any wildlife or pest problems I highly recommend this company.

MF Wal


3 years ago

Quick, thorough and polite service!

Lawrence Morris


3 years ago

Joe and Trutech solved my problem with chipmunks and mice. They continually monitor to keep the rodents in check. Joe is very friendly and easy to work with. I would recommend Joe and Trutech to anyone that has a problem with wildlife. They are the best!

Laura Hinton


2 years ago

Alex with Trutech was professional and knowledgable!

Todd Moore


3 years ago

Great service and follow ups, even took the time to repair the damages to the vent and roof that the raccoon/tree caused. Joe is the man!

KELLIE Campbell


3 years ago

I would recommend Trutech! We had momma and baby raccoons living in our attic. We had Joe come out and he has been amazing. He has come as many times as needed and always has been so helpful and positive. He comes in a timely manner, and …

Cheryl Langford


a week ago

I want to take a moment to brag about the employees of Trutech. From Rachel in the office take took my initial call to Mason who was my service guy. I was at a complete panic, but Mason was so calming when he came out. I felt like good …

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