Wayne County, Michigan Wildlife Removal & Control

Need to get rid of rats? Discovered a raccoon in your home? Nesting birds driving you nuts? Call Trutech. Our dedicated wildlife-removal specialists can help with all your wildlife-removal and pest prevention services in Wayne County.

Throughout Wayne County and surrounding areas, we’ve helped homeowners get rid of all kinds of wildlife and enjoy greater peace of mind. We can safely and easily remove bats, raccoons, skunks, groundhogs, opossums and many more species of nuisance wildlife. One call and your wildlife worries are a thing of the past.

If you have these or any other animals in or around your home, it’s important that you not try DIY animal removal. Instead, call Trutech to speak with one of our wildlife-control professionals about your animal issue. We’ll come to you to not only remove the offending animal (or animals), but also help seal up any access points that may give the animal an easy way into your home.

Wildlife Control in Wayne County

From getting rid of rats in a garage or home, to professional raccoon removal and everything in between, our wildlife-removal professionals can help by safely and humanely removing a variety of wildlife including birds, bats, rats, raccoons and much more.

Rat Removal

Get rid of rats safely and effectively with Trutech. Our wildlife-removal experts provide professional rat removal in your home, garage, attic and more to help you get rid of rats and prevent them from coming back.

Raccoon Removal

You should never try to trap or remove a raccoon on your own. Instead, make one call to Trutech’s Wayne County office here in Michigan and put your raccoon removal worries to rest. Our professionals can come to you with everything needed to help remove wildlife at an affordable raccoon removal cost.

Dead Animal Removal

Have you discovered a dead animal in your home? Need to remove an animal carcass from your property? Call Trutech. Our experts can skillfully and safely remove a dead animal while cleaning and sanitizing the area to prevent other curious wildlife nuisances from coming around, giving you peace of mind.

Bird Removal

Nesting birds can not only be a nuisance around your home, but they can also make a mess of your home and property. Take care of a bird infestation before it becomes a larger issue.Trust Trutech’s Wayne County wildlife-removal experts for professional bird exclusion and bird removal services that can get rid of bird nesting and help you rest easy.

When to Call an Animal-Removal Professional

Trutech’s Wayne County team not only understands the different types of wildlife that call Wayne County and its surrounding areas home, but also have decades of combined experience and the right tools to remove any unwanted pests that have taken shelter in your home or on your property. If you suspect you have a pest problem, contact the professionals at Trutech immediately. Our team can come out and help determine the severity of the problem, then present a plan to both remove the animals and keep them from returning. Contact us today and get back your pest-free peace of mind.