Oakland County, Michigan Wildlife Removal & Control

Bats in the attic? Raccoons in the garage? Groundhogs in the garden? One call to Trutech solves all your wildlife removal problems. Get the help you need to get rid of bats, groundhogs, possums and other nuisance wildlife locally in Oakland County.

Throughout Oakland County and surrounding areas, we’ve helped homeowners get rid of all kinds of nuisance wildlife and enjoy greater peace of mind in your home. We can safely and easily remove bats, raccoons, skunks, groundhogs, opossums and much more. One call, and your wildlife worries are a thing of the past.

If you have these or any other animals in or around your home, it’s important that you not try DIY animal removal. Instead, call Trutech to speak with one of our wildlife-control professionals about your animal issue. We’ll come to you to not only remove the offending animal (or animals), but also help seal up any access points that may give the animal an easy way into your home.

Wildlife Control in Oakland County

Numerous species of wildlife abound in and around Oakland County, which is why, if they get into your home, it can be a challenge to get them out. Bats, for example, can be found nesting in attics. Opossums and raccoons are usually searching for an easy meal. Trutech wildlife removal professionals understand the behavior and habits of a wide range of animals and can help you rest easy with our detailed wildlife removal services.

Professional Bat Removal

It might seem easy to try and trap a bat, but bats can be carriers of diseases, including rabies. Instead, call Trutech and let our professional bat removal experts handle it all. We can safely and humanely remove the bats, so you can rest easy.

Local Opossum Removal

Possum in the house? Not sure what to do? Call our Oakland County wildlife removal service and let us take care of your possum problem. Our team will come to you with all the tools needed to safely and quickly remove a possum (or possums) from your home and return your pest-free peace of mind.

Raccoon Removal

Like opossums, raccoons can get into anything. So if you find one in your home, there may be more. Call Trutech even if you only suspect a raccoon in your home. Our experts can help you not only get rid of raccoons but keep them from coming back.

Groundhog Removal

Groundhogs can leave your lawn or garden a mess – not to mention what happens if one gets in your home! Call Trutech right away if you’ve discovered a groundhog in or around your home. We specialize in safe, fast groundhog removal in Oakland County and can help prevent groundhogs from returning and making an even bigger mess.

When to Call an Animal-Removal Professional

Trutech’s Oakland County team not only understands the different types of wildlife that call Oakland County and its surrounding areas home, but also have decades of combined experience and the right tools to remove any unwanted pests that have taken shelter in your home or on your property. If you suspect you have a pest problem, contact the professionals at Trutech immediately. Our team can come out and help determine the severity of the problem, then present a plan to both remove the animals and keep them from returning. Contact us today and get back your pest-free peace of mind.