Springfield, Massachusetts Wildlife Removal & Control

Located on the Connecticut River in Western Massachusetts, Springfield sure does have a lot to offer. With nearby Northampton, Holyoak, Chicopee, Ludlow, and Wibraham, there’s always plenty to do in this New England region. There’s no wonder why the residents of Springfield love where they live! Unfortunately, nuisance wildlife loves to live there, too.

Nuisance Wildlife Removal in Springfield

Luckily, wildlife removal is no hassle in Springfield because Trutech has the necessary local knowledge and presence to provide efficient, quick, and safe wildlife exclusion services. Whether you need emergency, commercial, or business attention, wildlife exclusion services are just a call away, at any time of day. Our team will come to your home to assess the situation, remove any nuisance wildlife, and perform exclusion services to keep wildlife from getting back into your home. After all, your home deserves to be a safe, personal, and healthy environment. Don’t let nuisance wildlife ruin that! Trutech’s animal control technicians and wildlife removal services work to efficiently and safely solve the most common and toughest of wildlife problems. Tired of searching for the best animal removal in Springfield? Look no further than Trutech, your trusted, professional wildlife exclusion service provider.

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Bird Control

Birds may appear harmless as they soar through the sky or chase down a french fry at the boardwalk, but it’s important to keep your eye on these tricky critters. If birds enter your property and invade your home, they can cause significant property damage and pose a great risk to you and your family’s health. From the spread of disease to the destruction of your home’s structure, there are a number of reasons to call in the professionals at Trutech to perform an effective bird exclusion.

Raccoon Removal

The bandit mask is more than just a fashion statement. Raccoons are often up to no good! If you’ve spotted a raccoon in your yard, home, or attic, it’s time to call Trutech. Trutech will stop these pesky critters from destroying your property and spreading disease. The trained specialists of Trutech’s raccoon removal team will safely trap and remove any and all raccoons from your property. An untouched trash bin is just one call away!

Bat Removal

Bats may be beneficial for insect control, but be wary, they are also common carriers of disease and can cause serious damage to the structure of your house. If you suspect that bats are in your attic, chimney, or trees, give Trutech a call! Our team will safely perform bat removal from your property in order to ensure that your home and health are not harmed.

Rat Removal

A rat problem can quickly get out of control and traps are only a temporary solution for dealing with your rat problem. Instead, call Trutech and let us get right to work. Our professional wildlife-removal experts understand how to get rid of rats and execute the rat-removal quickly and efficiently.

Snake Removal

Snakes with triangular-shaped heads tend to be venomous, but who wants to get close enough to find out? Trutech will! If you spy a snake slither into your yard or home, call Trutech. Trutech takes away your worries by performing snake control in order to prevent any dangerous encounters and future infestations. Avoid serious health risks and give Trutech a call today!

Squirrel Removal

While they may be cute from afar in the park, squirrels are anything but cute once they’ve invaded your home. Squirrels can cause great damage once they’ve found a home in your attic, chimney, and walls. Prevent this squirrel damage by giving Trutech a call! Trutech will perform squirrel exclusion to ensure the safety of your house and health.

When to Call an Wildlife Service Technician

Do you suspect the presence of nuisance wildlife? Don’t let home become a hazard. Act on any signs of nuisance wildlife by calling Trutech before a few critters become an entire infestation. Our wildlife removal team has years of experience, and our professional technicians offer the best wildlife removal services in all of Springfield. With this extensive experience, Trutech’s nuisance wildlife removal team has perfected the skills needed to best understand your needs. Let Trutech solve your wildlife problems, ease your mind, and keep you safe for years to come. Trutech is also local to the Springfield area, so after business hours calls are always welcome. The longer you wait to call an animal removal professional like Trutech, the greater hazard you pose to your health and home.

Our nuisance wildlife removal team is always ready to help keep you, your home, family, and pets safe from pesky critters.



  • We handle raccoons, birds, snakes & more.
  • We can close off potential entry points to prevent pests such as squirrels, raccoons, and opossums from re-entering your home or business.
  • We can remove old insulation that may have been tainted by wildlife, like squirrels or raccoons, living in your attic.
  • We guarantee we can solve your problem, whatever it takes.

Q&A with your local branch manager:

What are some of the most common wildlife issues that homeowners face in your area?

Mice, rats, gray squirrels, and flying squirrels are the most common rodent species we deal with getting into homes. They all possess the ability to chew through wood, vinyl and plastic to enter homes and get into basements, attics, crawlspaces, and even living spaces. Typical damage includes chewing, defecation, hoarding of outdoor material and destruction of insulation. They are capable of causing thousands of dollars in structural damage to a home. They are also known to chew on wires which may lead to electrical issues or even house fires. Trapping, exclusion, population control, and sanitation of contaminated areas are required to solve issues for these pests. Bats are known to utilize construction gaps or voids on a home and establish temporary or permanent roosting sites.

Bats may carry rabies and bat bugs which will spread into a home and require more intense methods of fumigation. The droppings accumulate where the activity is present and have the potential to cause serious health issues. Bat eviction, exclusion, and sanitation of contaminated areas are required to solve the problem.

Birds are also known to utilize voids or sheltered structure locations to build nests. Birds often carry bird mites which can spread into a home and require more intense methods of fumigation to solve the issue. Bird droppings accumulate where the activity is present and have the potential to cause serious health issues. Nest removal, exclusion, and sanitation of contaminated areas are necessary when dealing with birds.

Snakes are another common pest often encountered in the garden basking or even inside the home. They are attracted to the scent of mice/rats, frogs, lizards, insects, and are often a telltale sign that other pests are present. Addressing the food source issue is a vital component in deterring snakes from a property. Methods of trapping and the use of deterrents are also required to prevent and solve encounters with snakes at your home.

How do the seasons affect wildlife activity in your area?

Breeding, nurturing, feeding, and hibernation are all seasonal changes that bring wildlife into contact with your home. In the spring and summer, we commonly deal with Rats, Mice, Gray Squirrels, Chipmunks, Groundhogs, Birds, Bats, and Snakes as they look to become active after a winter of hibernation or little food consumption. In the fall and winter, the most common pets are Rats, Mice, Gray Squirrels, Flying Squirrels, and Raccoons. They often look to find a warm escape from the cold, as they remain active throughout the winter months.

How do you prevent wildlife in Springfield?

Trutech has the knowledge and experience to get your problems taken care of correctly. A few things the homeowner can do to make a home less attractive before a problem arises include limiting food sources (bird feeders, trash cans/dumpsters, keeping birdseed fully sealed), trimming tree branches near roofs, and keeping yard and gardens well maintained. Unfortunately, this does not always stop wildlife from damaging your home and property. When we come upon a wildlife issue, we work with you to control food sources for the pests, apply deterrents, eliminate attractive harborage areas, and seal ALL entry points (whether it is already being used or not).  We use an Integrated Pest Management approach which looks to provide a solution without using any pesticides or unnatural products.  Those are the last resort option if necessary.

When should homeowners call Trutech?

As soon as they are suspicious of pest/wildlife activity, or even before any activity has taken place. Preventive measures cost less than dealing with issues after the pest has arrived.

Animal Control & Removal

Wild Animal Removal
Safe, humane removal of nuisance animals and pests from your home or property.

Wildlife Exclusion & Prevention
Reliable prevention from future animal intrusions in your home.

Wildlife Remediation
Professional and permanent repairs to entry points, insulation, and damage from animal urine or feces.

Trutech Pledge

Trutech’s licensed and insured wildlife removal technicians handle all of your Springfield, MA, animal control needs as if they were their own. They don’t stop until your problem is solved. So that’s why we employ biologists, entomologists, and herpetologists, as well as experts on bat and bird removal, with more than 100 years of combined experience. Our staff brings more than 100 years of combined experience to every job. We can handle any animal control situation, and customer satisfaction is our number one priority. The job isn’t done until the problem in your Springfield, MA, home or business is gone. We guarantee it.

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