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No matter where you live in Jefferson County, you know what a great place it is to live. We all have different reasons for living in Louisville, especially with all the great things our city has to offer. Whether you love the Kentucky Derby, the fried chicken at Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), or the academics and sports (Go Cardinals!) at the University of Louisville, there is so much to love about Louisville. But you live here, so you already know how great Louisville is. Unfortunately, nuisance wildlife loves Louisville as well.

Nuisance Wildlife Removal in Louisville

Lucky for you, Trutech’s nuisance wildlife removal team is local to the Louisville area. We are licensed, insured, and have decades of combined experience with nuisance wildlife removal. Don’t let your animal removal problems interrupt your daily life; let the professionals handle it. With just one call to Trutech, you can consider your nuisance wildlife problems solved. We are ready to come to your home with all the skills and tools necessary for wildlife removal of any sort. We can handle any problem -- no matter how big or small -- so don’t hesitate to call us today.

Rat Removal

Are your DIY rat traps not getting the job done anymore? If you’ve seen rat droppings or a few rats scurrying around, chances are there are many more that you haven’t seen. A rat problem can very quickly become a rat infestation unless you take action quickly. Don’t let the problem get out of hand -- call Trutech. We are your local wildlife removal experts and we’ll come to you with everything needed for quick and effective rat removal. We can also perform rat exclusion to keep them from getting back into your home.

Opossum Control

Have you found opossum damage in or around your home? Opossums sure are interesting animals, but that’s no reason to keep them around if they’ve been digging around in your trash or have made their home in your attic. Our professional wildlife removal team will come to your home with all the skills and tools necessary for safe and effective opossum removal. We can also perform opossum exclusion so these wild animals will not be able to get back into your home.

Raccoon Removal

Have you found your trash cans knocked over in the morning? Or have you seen a raccoon in your trash can? No matter what signs of nuisance wildlife you’ve seen or if you’ve seen the animal itself, it’s time to call Trutech. Our wildlife removal technicians are ready to come to your home for quick and safe raccoon removal. With our exclusion services, we can also help prevent raccoons from getting back into your home.

Squirrel Removal

Although they may be cute in movies or playing at the park, squirrels definitely aren’t cute anymore when they have invaded your home and attic. They love to chew on insulation or anything else they can find, so call Trutech right away if you think you may have squirrels in your attic. After just one phone call, our wildlife removal technicians will remove the squirrels from your attic, perform squirrel exclusion to keep them from getting back in, and even replace your insulation. Let us take care of your squirrel removal problem so that you can get back to your normal life!

Wild Hog Control

Do you have wild hogs anywhere near your home? These animals can be seriously dangerous, so stay as far away as you can. Our wildlife removal technicians will come to you with all the skills and experience needed for safe and effective wild hog removal. Trust Trutech, your local wildlife removal professionals with decades of combined experience. We’ll solve your wildlife removal problems so you can go back to your day-to-day life without nuisance wildlife.

When to Call an Animal Removal Professional

Whether you’ve seen tell-tale signs of nuisance wildlife or the wild animals themselves, call Trutech. Our wildlife removal professionals have decades of combined experience, so we’ve seen it all -- and solved it all -- before. Don’t risk injury to yourself, your family, or your pets by trying to DIY your own nuisance wildlife solution. Trutech can handle any wildlife removal problem you may have, no matter how big or small. Don’t let your wildlife problem get worse, call Trutech as soon as you can. We’ll help you get back to your normal life without nuisance wildlife.


We are the professionals when dealing with Wildlife problems throughout Louisville Kentucky and we specialize in wildlife removal and all types of Louisville structures infested with wildlife, and the repairs needed to make these homes and buildings such as “rodent proofing.” Should you have a wildlife problem in your Louisville, KY home, please do not hesitate to give us a call today at our local Kentucky office.

  • We are experts in bat control, bird control, rat control, mice control, raccoon control, squirrel control, coyote control, snake control, and many other kinds of wildlife removal.
  • Replace old insulation that has been soiled or damaged by an animal infestation with new energy efficient insulation in its place.
  • Are recommended by county & state wildlife and health agencies.
  • Animal control includes closing off potential entry points to prevent animals such as squirrels and raccoons from re-entering your Louisville home or business.

Animal Control & Removal

Our animal control and animal removal technicians are on call to respond to a call in the case of an animal control emergency.

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With more than 100 years of combined experience in the wildlife removal industry, Trutech’s licensed and insured technicians are skilled in resolving animal control issues in Louisville, KY, homes and businesses. You can count on our wildlife removal specialists, biologists, entomologists, and herpetologists to handle any animal control request, including bat and bird removal.

Our team at Trutech is confident in our ability to manage all animal control situations. The specialists we hire take customer satisfaction seriously, which is why our licensed technicians do not stop working until all wildlife control problems in Louisville, KY, homes and businesses are solved.

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