Indianapolis, Indiana Wildlife Removal & Control

Problems with moles, rodents, squirrels or other pest-control issues? Whether you live in Indianapolis or one of the surrounding areas, Trutech can help. Our dedicated, experienced wildlife-removal experts are on-call and ready to help you tackle your wildlife headaches, starting today.

Wildlife Control in Indianapolis

Before you spend hundreds of dollars on complicated, expensive mole traps, raccoon traps or other types of traps, give Trutech’s Indianapolis wildlife-removal office a call. Our technicians can help get rid of raccoons, snakes, and other pests from your home and keep them from returning. No matter if you need rodent control, squirrel removal or something much larger like raccoon removal, we can handle it all.

Squirrel Removal

Squirrels can not only be a noisy nuisance, they can also cause damage in your home from chewing. In order to get rid of squirrels, you need more than just a squirrel trap. You need competent, reliable professionals who can get rid of squirrels in the attic or elsewhere in your home, and keep them from coming back. That professional is Trutech - your trusted source for Indianapolis squirrel removal, so call today to get the professional help you need.

Pest Control Services

Pests like raccoons, snakes, squirrels, rats and mice in your home can not only cause problems, they can also disrupt your daily life and well being. Whether you have rats, snakes or need help with removing wild pests from your home, count on Trutech. Our Indianapolis-area technicians are on-call and ready to help. All it takes is a phone call, and we’ll come to you with everything needed to fix your pest control issue right away.

Raccoon Removal

Raccoons are both crafty and dangerous, which is why raccoon traps seldom work to truly get rid of raccoons. Instead, Trutech will  get right to work investigating your raccoon issue and taking steps for proper raccoon removal. We can safely and effectively get rid of raccoons so that your pest problem is a thing of the past. Instead of buying traps, call Trutech’s Indianapolis raccoon-removal team.

Get Rid of Rats

Usually when you see one rat, there are dozens that you don’t see. Rats can be hard to get rid of, but Trutech has the experience and knowledge to help you get rid of rats and keep them from coming back. If you have a rat control problem, give us a call at our Trutech Indianapolis office and we’ll come right to you to help solve your rat control issue.

If you have these or any other animals in or around your home, it’s important that you not try DIY animal removal. Instead, call Trutech to speak with one of our wildlife-control professionals about your animal issue. We’ll come to you to not only remove the offending animal (or animals), but also help seal up any access points that may give the animal an easy way into your home.

When to Call an Animal-Removal Professional

Trutech’s Indianapolis team not only understands the different types of wildlife that call Indianapolis and its surrounding areas home, but also they decades of combined experience and the right tools to remove any unwanted pests that have taken shelter in your home or on your property. If you suspect you have a pest problem, contact the professionals at Trutech immediately. Our team can come out and help determine the severity of the problem, then present a plan to both remove the animals and keep them from returning. Contact us today and get back your pest-free peace of mind.


Trutech® Wildlife Service is the leader in professional wildlife removal in the Indianapolis, IN area. We have been successfully providing quality service and expertise for over 30 years throughout the U.S. Your satisfaction is our top priority. Our animal control specialists guarantee they can solve your problem. And our humane and ethical treatment practices are one of the many reasons residents and business owners refer us in the Indianapolis area. Trutech animal removal technicians in Indianapolis, IN:

  • Our technicians can close off potential entry points to prevent pests from re-entering your home or business. We can remove old insulation that has been tainted by an animal infestation.
  • We are experts at bat control, rodent removal, and more.

Animal Control & Removal

Wild Animal Removal
Safe, humane removal of nuisance animals and pests from your home or property.

Wildlife Exclusion & Prevention
Reliable prevention from future animal intrusions in your home.

Wildlife Remediation
Professional and permanent repairs to entry points, insulation, and damage from animal urine or feces.

Trutech Pledge

With more than 100 years of combined experience in the wildlife removal industry, Trutech’s licensed and insured technicians are skilled in resolving animal control issues in your Indianapolis, IN, home or business. You can count on our wildlife removal specialists, biologists, entomologists, and herpetologists to handle any animal control request, including bat and bird removal. Our team at Trutech is confident in our ability to manage all animal control situations. The specialists we hire take customer satisfaction seriously, which is why our licensed technicians do not stop working until all wildlife control problems in Indianapolis, IN, homes and businesses are solved.

Service Area

Also serving surrounding communities near Indianapolis, IN. Call 317-548-6699 to schedule your appointment in Indy.


David Henderson


8 months ago

Truetech provided awesome services from the time I called to schedule my appointment. The first tech Kyle was amazing he was very knowledgeable and explained everything I needed to know. Two thumbs up for Brad who was phenomenal, very …

Cynthia Williams


11 months ago

Absolutely outstanding customer service! Trutech was able to come and removed the bird nest in my bathroom vent the day I called them - Brad and JR were fabulous. I highly recommend Trutech for any animal removal needs!

Jennifer Stoesz


9 months ago

We have been using TruTech for over a year and are extremely happy with their service. We live across the street from a retention pond and there is also a culvert behind our house. We have had snakes and mice for years. Tru Tech makes …

Megan Rhea


9 months ago

Great group of guys who worked through crazy Indiana weather to get the work done! We were very impressed!

Danielle Fawbush


3 months ago

I’m a bit frustrated with my most recent service. Really nice guy, but he called on a Friday night at 5:30 saying he was 20 minutes away with no prior notice. I think he was trying to do a thorough job, but he stayed past 9 pm in the pitch …

Wendy Pennington


2 months ago

Very friendly and honest. Told me the cost up front so there would be no surprises. Technician was very respectful and explained everything throughly.

JohnMichael Cannon


a month ago

Very pleased with Kyle’s service & communication. Would reccomend.

Chris Sanft


a month ago

- Quick response from HQ and immediate follow-up from local team. - Short turnaround time until appointment. - Quick assessment and treatment planning. - Frequent follow-up visits. - Courteous, friendly technician (Thanks, Matt)

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