Peoria, Illinois Wildlife Removal & Control

Whether you’re interested in nature or art, you can certainly find something of interest in the city of Peoria. Nearby Goose and Peoria Lakes provide beauty and accessibility while the surrounding towns of Mossville, Alta, Dunlap, and Pottstown make for one exciting place to live; it’s no wonder why the residents of Peoria love to live here! Unfortunately, some nuisance wildlife also enjoys calling Peoria home.

Nuisance Wildlife Removal in Peoria

Luckily, wildlife removal is no hassle in Peoria because Trutech has the necessary local knowledge and presence to provide efficient, quick, and safe wildlife exclusion services. Whether you need emergency, commercial, or business attention, wildlife exclusion services are just a call away, at any time of day. Our team will come to your home to assess the situation, remove any nuisance wildlife, and perform exclusion services to keep wildlife from getting back into your home. After all, your home deserves to be a safe, personal, and healthy environment. Don’t let nuisance wildlife ruin that! Trutech’s animal control technicians and wildlife removal services work to efficiently and safely solve the most common and toughest of wildlife problems. Tired of searching for the best animal removal in Peoria? Look no further than Trutech, your trusted, professional wildlife exclusion service provider.


Bat Control

Bats may be beneficial for insect control, but be wary, they are also common carriers of disease and can cause serious damage to the structure of your house. If you suspect that bats are in your attic, chimney, or trees, give Trutech a call! Our team will safely perform bat removal from your property in order to ensure that your home and health are not harmed.

Bird Control

Birds may appear harmless as they soar through the sky or chase down a french fry at the boardwalk, but it’s important to keep your eye on these tricky critters. If birds enter your property and invade your home, they can cause significant property damage and pose a great risk to you and your family’s health. From the spread of disease to the destruction of your home’s structure, there are a number of reasons to call in the professionals at Trutech to perform an effective bird exclusion.

Squirrel Removal

While they may be cute from afar in the park, squirrels are anything but cute once they’ve invaded your home. Squirrels can cause great damage once they’ve found a home in your attic, chimney, and walls. Prevent this squirrel damage by giving Trutech a call! Trutech will perform squirrel exclusion to ensure the safety of your house and health.

Raccoon Removal

The bandit mask is more than just a fashion statement. Raccoons are often up to no good! If you’ve spotted a raccoon in your yard, home, or attic, it’s time to call Trutech. Trutech will stop these pesky critters from destroying your property and spreading disease. The trained specialists of Trutech’s raccoon removal team will safely trap and remove any and all raccoons from your property. An untouched trash bin is just one call away!

Bee Control

Have you heard the buzz? The exclusion of bees can be quite a difficult task! These stinging insects don’t only pose a hazard to your health. Bees are a hazard to your home as well! Since bees are helpful to the environment, it’s best to not seek extermination. Rather, give Trutech a ring! With just one call, Trutech can perform bee exclusion with the safety of both the beehives and your home in mind. Consider your bee problems solved!


When to Call an Animal Removal Professional

Do you suspect the presence of nuisance wildlife? Don’t let home become a hazard. Act on any signs of nuisance wildlife by calling Trutech before a few critters become an entire infestation. Our wildlife removal team has years of experience, and our professional technicians offer the best wildlife removal services in all of Peoria. With this extensive experience, Trutech’s nuisance wildlife removal team has perfected the skills needed to best understand your needs. Let Trutech solve your wildlife problems, ease your mind, and keep you safe for years to come. Trutech is also local to the Peoria area, so after business hours calls are always welcome. Need emergency wildlife removal? Call Trutech, no matter the time. Find a dead animal in your home? Call Trutech, we will remove the dead animal and work to prevent any other unwanted wildlife. The longer you wait to call an animal removal professional like Trutech, the greater the hazard you pose to your health and home. Trutech can help prevent wildlife hazards with ease, so why not give us a call? Our nuisance wildlife removal team is always ready to help keep you, your home, family, and pets safe from pesky critters.


Residents of Peoria, IL, often have to deal with raccoons, squirrels, and ground hog(woodchuck) infesting their yards. Raccoons forage in trash bins and make messes on lawns, as well as den under porches and sheds. Their presence puts individuals at risk of contracting rabies. Squirrels break into attics and destroy stored keepsakes when inside. They also run across power lines, sometimes causing electrical shorts. Woodchucks (Ground Hogs.) also being a large burrowing animal are known for having dens under porches and sheds as well. Any burrowing animal under man made structures, heightens the chance of damage to structure due to the ground settling from the hollow tunnels.

Homes and businesses in Peoria are subject to the presence of bats. Common entry points for bats are through openings associated with the roof edge and valleys, eaves, chimney flue, vents, and siding. Any 1/2 inch opening is large enough for bats to gain entry inside your home. Once bats have entered into the structure of your home through openings ½ inch or larger, they then have access to the living area of the home around the openings of light fixtures, plumbing, electrical, or any other small openings leading from the attic, walls, or basement into the occupied area of the home. The main damage caused by bats is the health damage associated with bat guano and rabies. Their droppings promote the growth of a fungus called histoplasmosis. The most common symptoms of histoplasmosis are: chest pain, chills, cough, fever, joint pain , muscle aches, rash , and shortness of breath. Also, bats are one of the primary animals that transmit rabies. An exposure to rabies most commonly occurs when a person is bitten by a rabid animal. Each year in the United States, up to 30,000 persons receive a vaccine to prevent infection known as post-exposure prophylaxis due to potential exposure to a rabid animal, including bats.

Q&A with your local branch manager:

How do the seasons affect wildlife activity in your area?

In Peoria, IL, spring and summer result in an increase in bat, raccoon, woodchucks (ground hogs) and snake related calls. In the fall and winter, we see an increase in squirrel, rat, and hibernating bats that find their way into the living space of the home.

Any prevention tips for residents in your area?

It is always a good practice to be proactive. For example, a homeowner should move bird feeders away and stock pile wood away from his/her home. Trim hanging tree branches to no closer than 15 feet from your house. Do not leave trash, pet food, or food waste outside overnight.

When should homeowners call Trutech?

As soon as the homeowner suspects there is a problem. Usually, a homeowner will start hearing animal noises or there will be dead animal smell is present.

Animal Control & Removal

Our animal control and animal removal technicians are on call to respond to a call in the case of an animal control emergency.

Trutech Pledge

We believe our customers deserve the most professional and effective animal control services available. Trutech technicians include degreed biologists, entomologists, and herpetologists, as well as bat and bird experts. With more than a century of combined experience in wildlife removal and a never-quit attitude, our job isn’t done until the animal control problem at your Peoria, IL home or business is solved.

Our staff and wildlife removal technicians have more than 100 years of combined experience in the animal control and wildlife removal industry, so we are confident that we can handle any animal control situations. Trutech takes customer satisfaction very seriously, and that is why our wildlife removal specialists will not stop working until they have solved the animal control problem at your Peoria home.

Depend on our licensed and insured staff to strategically deploy their years of experience in service of your animal control needs. Total customer satisfaction is the only acceptable outcome, which is why our specialists work tirelessly until wildlife removal at your Peoria home is complete. We believe in this so strongly, it’s guaranteed.