Vero Beach Wildlife Removal & Control

Your Wildlife-Removal Experts in Vero Beach, Texas

Got squirrels in the attic? A raccoon in the crawlspace? Wherever there is nuisance wildlife in or around your home, one call to Trutech can solve your wildlife worries. With decades of nuisance animal-removal experience, we can safely and humanely remove all types of wildlife, including those that live in and around the Vero Beach area.

Our wildlife-removal services in Vero Beach span the entire Indian River County area, including Indian River Lagoon and Treasure Coast, so give us a call today for all your wildlife-removal needs and rest easy knowing that the experts at Trutech are up to the challenge.

Wildlife Control in Vero Beach

We’ve helped homeowners throughout Vero Beach and surrounding areas get greater enjoyment from their homes, lawns, and gardens by making sure they’re free of nuisance wildlife and similar pests. Let us help you by bringing all the know-how and expertise needed to get rid of wild animals, large or small, from your home.

Raccoon Removal

Raccoon damage in your home causing you stress? One call to Trutech can take care of it. Whether you suspect a raccoon or you’ve seen one around or in your home, our wildlife-removal professionals can come to you with everything needed to get rid of raccoons quickly and safely. Don’t try raccoon trapping yourself! Let our raccoon removal pros take care of it – call Trutech today!

Snake Removal

Many types of venomous snakes live in and around the Vero Beach area, which is why if you find a snake or snakes in the yard or elsewhere in your home, it’s important to call Trutech right away. We can remove snakes from anywhere and if you need snake exclusion services in the Vero Beach area, there’s no better company to call than Trutech. 

Squirrel Removal

Squirrels are a common sight in Vero Beach, but they can quickly turn into a nuisance pest. Whether you’ve got squirrels in the attic or you need squirrel exclusion, Trutech can handle all your squirrel problems so that you can rest easy. One call is all it takes for us to get started, and then you can rest easy, knowing your squirrel problems are being taken care of carefully and professionally.

Bat Exclusion

Whether you’ve discovered bats in the attic or bats in the shed or anywhere in between, you know they can be a hassle to deal with. Fortunately, at Trutech we are diligent about our bat removal and bat exclusion services, so no matter where these nocturnal nuisances are hiding, we can help you get rid of them and prevent them from returning.

Mouse Trapping

Mouse trapping seems simple enough on the surface. But where there’s one mouse, there may be dozens more, and before you invest hundreds of dollars in mouse traps and baits, give Trutech a call to solve the problem the first time! We’ll come to you ready to tackle your mouse problems the safe and effective way. Call us today!

When to Call an Animal-Removal Professional

Wondering if you should call a wildlife-removal professional if you only suspect a problem? The answer is a resounding ‘yes!” Even if you only see signs of a nuisance pest, such as their droppings or damage they’ve done in your home, give us a call at Trutech. We’ll come to you whether you live in Vero Beach, Indian River Lagoon or elsewhere in Indian River County. Then you can relax, knowing that the wildlife-removal professionals are on the job, taking steps to remove offending wildlife nuisances and pests, and keeping them from coming back.

Don’t wait until an infestation gets worse, call Trutech today for all your wildlife removal needs!


As an animal control and animal removal company in Vero Beach, FL:

  • We do not work with subcontractors for any animal control service. Instead we hire only trained, professional wildlife removal specialists.
  • We can close off any potential entry point into your home so animals cannot re-enter. We will also remove old insulation that any animal nesting in your attic may have damaged.
  • We specialize in Iguana Removal and Control,Snake Removal and Control,bat control,Rat and Mouse Control, Possum control, Squirrel control, Mole control, Coyote control, and provide any other wildlife removal from your Vero Beach home or business.
  • We are fully licensed and insured.

Animal Control & Removal

We are confident that our Trutech animal control technicians can handle any animal removal situations based on their level of knowledge and experience. Most of our specialists have college degrees in biology, entomology, or herpetology, and they are experts in bird control and bat removal. You can also trust that our technicians will provide animal removal from your Vero Beach home in a humane and ethical manner.

Our company is fully committed to customer satisfaction, and our animal removal and wildlife removal specialists will not stop until they have solved the animal control problem at your Vero Beach home. We service Vero Beach from our Ft Lauderdale office.

Some of the animals that Trutech specializes in throughout this area are listed below.

Bat Removal: With ground level homes in this area, Bats are naturally attracted to this location; wood is a natural roosting place for all types of bats and bats find that these homes offer many different places to escape the elements. You will notice bits of bat Guano around the porch areas of your home, this is an indication you have Bats, Give Us a Call today!

Snake Removal: Snake removal in this area of Florida is a very common call; we get a lot of calls for many different types of snakes. Florida has several Venomous snakes including Rattlesnakes and Copperheads and great care should be taken when removing these animals from your home. Give our experts a call today!

Raccoon Removal: Raccoons are one of the most aggressive animals in the state of Florida, they are known to carry several different types of disease, great care should be used when dealing with this aggressive animal in the Vero Beach area.

Squirrel Removal: Squirrels are a very pesky animal, known to cause much damage to homes and their attic areas, Trutech’s professional wildlife removal technicians will remove the squirrels from the attic area of your home in the Vero Beach Area and then make all the needed repairs to keep them out for good!

Rat Removal/Mice Removal: This area of Florida is known to have excessive amounts of rodents such as Rats and Mice. Rats and Mice are will inhabit homes and buildings in the Vero Beach, FL area. we are the professionals at rat exclusions and rat control in the entire Vero Beach, FL area. Some of the rats we have noticed problems with is roof rats and norway rats. Give us a call today to have your rat problem addressed.

Iguana Removal: Iguanas are one on the most commonly seen reptile in this area, however they can be very destructive. Often digging large crater size holes in yards about the size of Bowling balls. These are the places that the female iguana’s will lay their eggs. They can be very defensive of this area. Always call a professional company.

Bee Removal: This area around Vero Beach, FL is home to many different kinds of bees and stinging insects. We have honey bees, africanized honey bees, wasps, hornets and several different kinds of insects that become a problem when mixed in with humans. These stinging insects can be very dangerous. Their main defense mechanism is to attack in large swarms. This fact alone makes them very dangerous to deal with without the proper equipment. Always call a professional.

Trutech Pledge

Our licensed and insured wildlife removal technicians can handle all of your animal control needs. Experts on bat removal and bird control, most of our technicians are also college-educated entomologists, biologists, or herpetologists. With over 100 years of combined experience in the industry, our staff will work hard to resolve any animal control issue at your Vero Beach, Florida, home or business, guaranteed.

Here at Trutech, we are confident we can handle any situation and take customer satisfaction very seriously. Our wildlife removal specialists will not stop until they have solved whatever animal control problem your Vero Beach home may have.

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