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Wherever you live in Alachua County, you know what a great place Gainesville is to live. With so much to do in the Central Florida area, we love living here! Unfortunately, nuisance wildlife lives in Gainesville, too. Lucky for you, the Trutech nuisance wildlife removal team is local to the Gainesville area, so we know the most common and biggest nuisance wildlife problems here. No matter how large or small, we are the wildlife experts.

Nuisance Wildlife Removal in Gainesville

Are wild animal problems keeping you up at night or have you concerned? Our wildlife experts have the know-how to get rid of infestations and wild animals that have entered into your home or are making a mess around it.

Many of the experts at Trutech have specializations and certifications in animal behavior as well as specific knowledge of certain species, giving us the skills needed to safely get rid of them. We're also able to provide government offices and commercial buildings with professional wildlife removal services and wildlife exclusion, to keep critters out.


We are the wildlife control experts

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Bat Control

Bats are difficult to get rid of, and no amount of traps or baits can truly solve the problem -- you need the professionals at Trutech to help. At Trutech, we have the experience to clean and sanitize areas affected by bats, including removing bat guano and replacing insulation damaged by bats. Don't spend another sleepless night worrying about bats. Give Trutech a call today and let our professionals handle your bat removal issue professionally and efficiently while taking steps to keep them from coming back.

Squirrel Removal

Getting rid of squirrels can be a headache. Houses make an ideal nesting site for tree and flying squirrels, and ground squirrels can destroy your yard by burrowing. Most likely the eastern grey squirrel or the flying squirrel have invaded your home, but Trutech Wildlife Service Technicians have experience with all types of squirrels in and around the home. Have the peace of mind knowing true professionals are handling your squirrel removal problem.

Rat Control

Rats can get into nearly anything, which is why it's so important to call Trutech right away, even if you only suspect you may have a rat problem. Don’t waste time with traps and baits that rarely solve the rat problem. If you have rats, act fast and call our Gainesville wildlife removal team. Don't wait until the problem gets worse or let the rat problem turn into a rat infestation. Give our rat removal team a call today.

Opossum Removal

Do you have opossums on your porch or pawing through your trash? Call Trutech! We'll safely remove the opossums so they can't agitate your pets or cause you any stress. We can also take steps to keep them from coming back, ensuring that your opossum problems are a thing of the past! Call our Gainesville wildlife removal experts today and let us take care of your opossum removal issues.


Snake Removal

Are you worried about a snake> in the house? Wondering if that snake is venomous or if you should be concerned? Call Trutech and let us safely remove the snake or snakes hiding in your home. Our certified, licensed, and insured snake removal professionals know how to extract snakes, no matter where they’re hiding, so you can rest easy. We can also prevent them from coming back, giving you some much-needed peace of mind.

Raccoon Removal

Crafty creatures, raccoons enter a Gainesville home searching for food and shelter in Gainesville; attics and chimney make ideal locations for raccoons. If you hear scurrying in your attic, call the wildlife professionals at Trutech before the raccoons cause more damage. Generally causing more damage when entering a home, a female raccoon will use material in the home to create a nest.

When Should I Call a Wildlife Removal Professional?

If you’re concerned about wild animals getting into your home or you’ve seen one, it’s a good idea to call your Gainesville wildlife removal team at Trutech. Even if you only see things like tracks or animal droppings, it’s worth calling our wildlife removal professionals to let Trutech come and check it out. We know how to uncover wild animals that may be hiding or nesting in your attic, chimney, or anywhere else around or in your home. Don’t let an infestation get out of control. Let the professionals at Trutech come to you and help remove offending wildlife.


Trutech animal control specialists have a mission to perform all of their animal removal services as humanely as possible. Our customer’s satisfaction is our priority and we work hard to ensure that we treat birds, bats, snakes and other wildlife ethically when removed from your Gainesville home or business. We specialize in bat control, rat control, possum control, squirrel control, mole control, coyote control, and provide any other wildlife removal from your Gainesville home or business. Click here for a full list of our animal control and removal services. As an animal control and wildlife removal company in Gainesville, Florida:

  • Trutech guarantees we will solve the problem whatever it takes.
  • We do not use subcontractors for Animal Control or Animal Removal. Our technicians are professionally trained with most having Bachelors or Masters Degrees in their given field.
  • We are not a franchise. We are a privately owned company.
  • We can close off potential entry points to prevent animals from re-entering your home or business.
  • We are licensed and insured.

Animal Control & Removal

Our Wildlife Service Technicians have the experience and training to handle even the most unique nuisance wildlife issue you may be facing. Skilled in wildlife removal, prevention, and repair.

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Our wildlife removal experts can be counted on year-round to handle all of your animal control needs at your Gainesville, FL, home or business. These licensed and insured technicians are college-educated biologists, entomologists, and herpetologists, drawing upon experience from their respective fields to eradicate even the most persistent infestations. Bat removal and bird control specialists are also on hand, specially trained and fully prepared to take the necessary steps in order to ensure complete removal of nuisance animals. With over 100 years of combined experience in the wildlife removal industry, our staff has passion and vast knowledge when it comes to eliminating pests from Gainesville homes and businesses. All Trutech team members strive for complete customer satisfaction and have proven track records of working closely with clients along every step of the expulsion process.

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