Jacksonville Norway Rat Control

Recently, a Jacksonville homeowner called us because she heard noises under her floors. After a thorough inspection, we found evidence of Norway rats in her crawlspace. During the rat inspection, we found rat feces and evidence of rat activity like gnaw marks on PVC pips.

Norway Rat Control in Jacksonville

rats in attic

Rats' teeth never stop growing. Rats constantly gnaw and chew to manage the size of their incisors. Plastic, brick, lead, aluminum, wood, cement, asbestos, and cinder blockers stand no chance against a rat's constant gnawing.

How to Keep Rats Out of Crawlspaces

Rats cannot chew through galvanized steel. We installed over 60 feet of galvanized hardware cloth around her porch. Over every foundation vent, we used the galvanized hardware cloth with a pressure-treated 1x2 pine for the trim.

Exclusion services are essential for proper rat pest control. Rats reproduce at a high rate. Each female can have up to 7 litters in 1 year. One litter can have as many as 14 young. They also leave pheromone trails that other rats can follow into your home.

She had specific requests on red-painted trim around the foundation and crawl space vents. We framed and painted the wood and used masonry tapcon screws to secure to brick.

Rats are insidious pests. The homeowner also opted for a monthly service to make sure her house stays rat-free.