Retirement Home Wildlife Management

Real Expertise in Nursing and Retirement Homes

In your business, the standards are extremely high for cleanliness, safety and aesthetics. Your residents, guests and agency officials expect nothing less than a sanitary environment, so nuisance wildlife is simply not acceptable. Our professional, licensed technicians are experienced in wildlife removal and control at nursing and retirement homes. Contact us immediately if you have a wildlife problem.

Protecting Your Bottom Line

Your reputation is everything. If word gets around that your facility isn’t clean and safe, your bottom line will suffer. Nuisance wildlife is a liability for you. We understand. Our fast response time and expertise with nursing and retirement homes ensure that your animal problem is handled efficiently and effectively. Call on us to protect your residents, guests and employees – and your bottom line.

Wildlife Control for Nursing and Retirement Homes
Rat Control

Even the cleanest, newest facilities are not immune to rodent infestations. Rats can be drawn to your property by the prospect of food, warmth and shelter. Rats are especially attracted to multi-residential structures because of the availability of water and food, especially food from trash cans, dumpsters, bird feeders and pet food bowls. Shortly after rats establish a home in your property, residents will hear noises in the walls and ceilings and begin to smell the foul odors associated with rat activity.

Rats are climbers, so in addition to utility penetrations and foundation vents, they are often able to gain entry around guttered rooflines, gable and exhaust vents, roof returns and many other junction areas.

While some rodents are merely annoying, rats carry diseases and can cause significant damage. For example, nesting, burrowing and gnawing cause direct property damage. Rat feces, urine and hair can soil and contaminate large areas. Rats and their associated parasites can transmit plague, typhus, salmonella, leptospirosis, rat bite fever and other diseases such as hantavirus.

If you see one rat, there are probably more around.


To solve your rat problem, our professionals will trap and remove the existing rat population in the building. We will also perform a detailed inspection of the building to locate any exterior holes and weak spots where rats can gain entry. In addition to thoroughly sealing these gaps, we install exterior bait stations, maintained monthly to ensure that rats are denied access to buildings. This combination of techniques will fully solve the problem and keep rodents away.

In order to restore properties to the condition residents and their families expect, we also offer sanitization services and clean-up of fecal material.

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Raccoon Control

Although they may seem cute and harmless, raccoons are a serious health and safety concern when in close proximity to people and pets. They particularly enjoy multi-residential areas due to the extra availability of food from dumpsters, trash cans, bird feeders and pet food bowls. They may also damage lawns and outdoor items as they search for food.

As raccoons become comfortable around humans, they become extremely territorial and pose a threat to people and pets who unexpectedly step into their paths.

Inside buildings, raccoons become a health liability. They can easily create entry points with their strong, dexterous paws and sharp teeth. Not only do they destroy wires, ductwork and insulation, they also create “latrine sites,” which pose a significant threat to air quality inside any enclosed space.

Raccoons are a major disease carrier and are one of the primary wildlife carriers of rabies. Raccoons can also be infected with distemper, mange and several parasites including fleas, lice, mites, ticks, roundworms, tapeworms and flatworms.

As raccoons become established, they invite other wandering raccoons to join them for breeding purposes.


Our professional raccoon trapping and removal services protect your property and your residents’ health and safety, while ensuring that the animals are handled properly. We also offer solutions for clean-up and sanitization of latrine sites as well as exclusion repairs to keep raccoons out of your buildings.

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Snake Control

Snakes are found across the United States, but the species of snake – and how common they are in a given area – depends on the region and the habitat immediately around your facility.

The presence of any snake species creates a potential hazard to your residents. Typical snake calls involve a snake outside on the property, but snakes also find their way into buildings.

If the snakes are venomous, there is the obvious risk of a venomous snakebite. But because it can be difficult for non-professionals to easily determine which snakes are venomous and which are not, all snakes should be treated as a threat and removed from the property.

In areas where snakes are common, it may be necessary to take a proactive approach to snake control and prevention. This requires an ongoing, professional snake control and prevention program.


Snake control and prevention begin with an on-site inspection and consultation by a Trutech® technician. He or she will look for snakes on your property, especially if one has been recently sighted and will remove any snakes found if possible.

Our technician will also assess the accessibility of the buildings for snakes, including doors, utility entry points and vents, plus potential habitats such as landscaping, wooded areas and ponds. Since all snakes require specific habitat types and foods, our professionals can often tell which species are most common in a particular area.

For ongoing snake control, we offer two options: One is snake trapping in a particular area for a set amount of time. The type of trap and duration depends on your facility’s unique circumstances.

The other option involves a combination of techniques – monthly trapping, reduction of food sources, manipulation or modification of the landscape to make the area less desirable and sometimes a snake repellent. This aggressive snake control service is unique to Trutech and has been perfected over years of testing and experience. This approach often yields the best results and is usually the right option to keep the property as safe as possible. It is typically serviced on a monthly basis.

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