Multifamily Wildlife Management

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Owners, tenants and their guests expect your properties to be clean, safe and aesthetically pleasing. Nuisance wildlife can be a significant liability. An infestation can not only be expensive, it can also damage your property’s reputation. Our discreet, professional, licensed technicians are experienced in wildlife removal and control at residential properties. Let us help you keep your properties free from nuisance wildlife.

Protecting Your Bottom Line

Your owners, tenants and visitors deserve safe and clean spaces – and in many cases, their ownership agreements and leases dictate as much. You can’t afford to put their safety or your reputation at risk. We understand. Our fast response time and expertise ensure that your wildlife problem is handled efficiently and effectively. Call on us to protect your property, your reputation – and your bottom line.

Wildlife Control for Multifamily Complexes
Bat Removal Services

Bats are considered by many to be among nature’s most beneficial creatures. But bats can also be carriers of many diseases that are responsible for respiratory ailments and fungal infections. They can also cause extensive physical damage to property by defacing buildings and structures with odorous droppings and urine, or guano, which can eat through metal, paint, fabric and other substantial materials. In addition, bat guano acts as a food source for cockroaches and other insects inside walls.

Bats often find shelter in townhomes, condos and apartments due to easy access to gable, exhaust and roof vents as well as façade transfer areas like brick to trim. Any crack or crevice ½” wide can be exploited.

The most serious disease concern with regard to bats is rabies. According to the Centers for Disease Control, the most common way for people to get rabies in the United States is through contact with a bat.1 Guano can also harbor histoplasmosis, a serious respiratory disease. It is not uncommon for bats to find their way into the interior spaces of the structures where they roost, which creates a significant danger of exposure through a bite or scratch.

Bat bugs, frequently mistaken for bed bugs, often make humans their new hosts. Insect exterminators will treat a building for bed bugs, only to be called back for retreatment since the presence of bats attracts new bat bugs.

If left unchecked, a bat roost will continue to grow, leading to an increased odor and buildup of feces and urine, which may eventually leach through into human-occupied spaces, ruining sheetrock and eventually causing the interior structure to collapse.

If a bat is seen inside a building, it is a sign that a bat colony may be living in the walls.

All bat species are protected by state and federal regulations, and they must be mitigated in accordance with the law. In some states, a special permit or license is required, so using a professional to handle a bat problem is highly recommended. Your first step should be to call Trutech® to assess the situation.


Bat removal is a delicate procedure and should only be done by a trained professional. If removal procedures are not done carefully, bats can enter a building in great numbers, causing a serious emergency and safety risk to tenants and homeowners.

Trutech® offers a full-service bat removal program designed to humanely evict bats. To start, our professional technicians will perform a thorough inspection of your properties, assessing where bats are causing problems, as well as any areas where they may be able to enter structures.

We remove the bats from your properties by first eliminating any potential entry points by sealing or screening them off. We then remove the bats by installing a one-way “bat valve” so they are unable to return to the roost once they leave to feed.

Note that there are specific times of year when bats can’t be removed. These “blackout dates” are in place to prevent juvenile bats – flightless and dependent on their mothers for food – from being trapped inside a structure, where they will die.

Trutech technicians are experts in bat removal and exclusion, and we offer a renewable warranty on our bat removal service. We also perform any necessary bat-proofing repairs, clean-up, sanitization and insect treatments needed to mitigate the waste bats leave behind.


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Raccoon Control

Although they may seem cute and harmless, raccoons are a serious health and safety concern when in proximity to people and pets. They particularly like multi-residential areas due to the extra availability of food from dumpsters, trash cans, bird feeders and pet food bowls. They may also damage lawns and outdoor items as they search for food.

As raccoons become comfortable around humans, they become extremely territorial and pose a threat to people and pets who unexpectedly step into their paths.

Inside buildings, raccoons become a health liability. They can easily create entry points with their strong, dexterous paws and sharp teeth. Not only do they destroy wires, ductwork and insulation, they also create “latrine sites,” which pose a significant threat to air quality inside any enclosed space.

Raccoons are a major disease carrier and are one of the primary wildlife carriers of rabies. Raccoons can also be infected with distemper, mange and several parasites including fleas, lice, mites, ticks, roundworms, tapeworms and flatworms.

As raccoons become established, they invite other wandering raccoons to join them for breeding purposes.


Our professional raccoon trapping and removal services protect your property and your tenants’ health and safety, while ensuring that the animals are handled properly. We also offer solutions for clean-up and sanitizing of latrine sites as well as exclusion repairs to keep raccoons out of your buildings.

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Rat Control

Even the cleanest, newest buildings are not immune to rodent infestations. Rats can be drawn to your properties by the prospect of food, warmth and shelter. Rats are especially attracted to multi-residential structures because of the availability of water and food, especially food from trash cans, dumpsters, bird feeders and pet food bowls. Shortly after rats establish a home in your property, tenants and homeowners will hear noises in the walls and ceilings, and begin to smell the foul odors associated with rat activity.

Rats are climbers, so in addition to utility penetrations and foundation vents, they are often able to gain entry around guttered rooflines, gable and exhaust vents, roof returns and many other junction areas.

While some rodents are merely annoying, rats carry diseases and can cause significant damage. For example, nesting, burrowing and gnawing cause direct property damage. Rat feces, urine and hair can soil and contaminate large areas. Rats and their associated parasites can transmit plague, typhus, salmonella, leptospirosis, rat bite fever and other diseases such as hantavirus.

If you see one rat, there are probably more around.


To solve your rat problem, our professionals will trap and remove the existing rat population in the building. We will also perform a detailed inspection of the building to locate any exterior holes and weak spots where rats can gain entry. In addition to thoroughly sealing these gaps, we install exterior bait stations, maintained monthly to ensure that rats are denied access to buildings. This combination of techniques will fully solve the problem and keep rodents away.

In order to restore properties to the condition tenants and homeowners expect, we also offer sanitization services and clean-up of fecal material.

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Squirrel Control

Squirrels are among the most destructive animals, constantly gnawing on just about any material – including aluminum and steel – in order to trim the length of their sharp incisor teeth. This often leads to holes on the exterior of buildings. When the holes are large enough, squirrels will enter to nest and breed.

Inside the building, squirrels quickly mat insulation and contaminate it with urine and feces. Their constant gnawing can damage wiring, which creates a significant fire danger and requires costly repairs. If left alone, several generations of squirrels will call your property their home in no time.


Trutech® can provide squirrel trapping and removal services as well as exterior exclusion repairs to keep new squirrels from coming in. We can also remove droppings and decontaminate affected areas. In cases where properties have become infested, Trutech can implement a squirrel population reduction program customized to your needs.

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