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You’re the expert at pest control. But when your customers are facing a wildlife invasion or nuisance wildlife problem, removal or control may be beyond your technicians’ comfort zone or capability. Trutech® can help. We are the go-to resource for many pest control companies seeking expertise in wildlife removal and control. You can trust Trutech with your customers’ toughest problems.

Protecting Your Customer Relationships

Nuisance wildlife can cause serious problems for your customers. You want to be helpful to them, so where do you turn for assistance with wildlife removal and control? Trutech®.

Our fast response time and vast expertise ensure that your customers’ wildlife problem is handled efficiently and effectively. Call on us to deliver the high-quality wildlife removal and control services your customers deserve.

Specialized Services for Pest Control Companies
Honey Bee Control

Honey bees are vitally important to the environment and play a significant role in our economy. Bees often build hives in the many voids in buildings’ beams and walls. They also create hives inside trees and other cavities, and they are constantly seeking hive-building material, nectar and pollen.

When disturbed, these otherwise seemingly docile creatures can attack. An unsuspecting worker can quickly be surrounded by angry bees as they defend their hive. This is particularly dangerous when a worker is unaware that he or she is allergic to bee stings. But even someone not allergic to bee stings can succumb to the impact of stings if too many are delivered. If help is not nearby, a serious health crisis – even loss of life – is possible.

Aggressive Africanized honey bees are present in the southern states we serve, and disturbing an Africanized hive can also be life-threatening. Because of our expertise with aggressive bees, many general pest control companies call on Trutech® to handle these dangerous situations.

If not properly removed and treated, bees will return to rebuild their hives.


Because honey bees are beneficial to the environment, live honey bee removal is preferred but not always possible. When feasible, our teams will work with our network of local beekeepers to relocate the hives.

It’s important to remove the honeycomb along with the honey bee hive. If a honey bee hive is inside a void and the honeycomb is left behind, the honey will rot and attract pests – and bees from other colonies will likely show up to explore the vacant cavity. Also, with no bees tending the honey, it will ooze down through ceilings and walls and cause electrical and wall damage, not to mention a big mess.

When planning bee treatment, our teams consider the time of day and your customers’ schedules to minimize your liability during the process. Our team is focused on providing a permanent, quality solution to your customers’ bee problems.

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Snake Control

Snakes are found across the United States, but the species of snake – and how common they are in a given area – depends on the region and surrounding habitat.

The presence of any snake species creates a potential hazard. Typical snake calls involve a snake outside, but snakes also find their way into buildings.

If the snakes are venomous, there is the obvious risk of a venomous snakebite. But because it can be difficult for non-professionals to easily determine which snakes are venomous and which are not, all snakes should be treated as a threat and removed from the property.

In areas where snakes are common, it may be necessary to take a proactive approach to snake control and prevention. This requires an ongoing, professional snake control and prevention program.


Snake control and prevention begin with an on-site inspection and consultation by a Trutech® technician. He or she will look for snakes on the property, especially if one has been recently sighted, and will remove any snakes found if at all possible.

Our technician will also assess the accessibility of buildings for snakes, including doors, utility entry points and vents, plus potential habitats such as landscaping, wooded areas, even retention ponds. Since all snakes require specific habitat types and foods, our professionals can often tell which species are most common in a particular area.

For ongoing snake control, we offer two options: One is snake trapping in a particular area for a set amount of time. The type of trap and duration depends on your customer’s unique circumstances.

The other option involves a combination of techniques – monthly trapping, reduction of food sources, manipulation or modification of the landscape to make the area less desirable and sometimes a snake repellent. This aggressive snake control service is unique to Trutech and has been perfected over years of testing and experience. This approach often yields the best results and is usually the best option to keep the property as safe as possible from snakes. It is typically serviced on a monthly basis.

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Fecal Remediation

Wild animals produce large quantities of feces, urine and hair, which can quickly soil and contaminate your customers’ businesses, inside and out.

Nuisance wildlife are also carriers of many diseases that threaten humans. For example, rodents and their associated parasites can transmit plague, typhus, salmonella, leptospirosis and hantavirus. Bat guano buildup can harbor the causative agent of histoplasmosis, a serious respiratory disease which can cause lung scarring and is also potentially fatal.

Other species are often infected with conditions such as tularemia; canine and feline parvovirus; and parasites including ticks, roundworms, tapeworms and flatworms.

When wildlife invades human spaces, there is always a health risk to people.


Trutech® technicians are highly skilled in clean-up and sanitization of all areas contaminated by wildlife. Our professionals are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and disinfectants to tackle any mess. Whether the surface is a rooftop covered with pigeon feces, a drop-tile ceiling full of rodent droppings or “latrine sites” in an attic from raccoons, Trutech can determine the best method of remediation.

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Exclusion Repair Work

Exclusion repair work is necessary to fix damage done by wildlife and fully block animals from re-entering buildings.

Wildlife such as raccoons, squirrels and rodents can do thousands of dollars of damage to exteriors by gnawing and tearing away material to gain entry. Insects such as wasps and bees will take advantage of small gaps and cracks to build nests and hives inside.

Even if animals have been successfully removed from a structure, the wildlife entry point must be fixed promptly to prevent reinfestation. Because animals can climb and insects can fly, they often create holes in very high locations that require access by ladders or aerial lifts.


Trutech® technicians are experts in exclusion and repairs. We don’t simply repair entry points, we animal-proof buildings and homes. Our technicians customize their work with proven methods to prevent problems from recurring. We stand behind our work and offer warranties for exclusion work completed.

If there is work to be done high up, it’s no problem for us – we have portable aerial solutions that reach up to 300 feet.

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