New Construction Wildlife Management

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Keeping your construction site free from nuisance wildlife is a must. Not only do invading animals damage structures, they are also a threat to your workers, visitors, investors and potential buyers. Our professional, licensed technicians are experienced in wildlife removal and control at new home and construction sites. Call us as soon as you notice a problem.

Protecting Your Bottom Line

Nuisance wildlife can be a liability for you. You can’t afford to put your workers and visitors at risk, and delays cost you money. We understand. Our fast response time and expertise ensure that your wildlife problem is handled efficiently and effectively. Call on us to protect your investment, your workers – and your bottom line.

Wildlife Control for Construction Companies
Honey Bee Control

While extremely important environmentally, honey bees can be dangerous when their hives are too close to humans. During construction, bees’ natural habitats can be unwittingly disturbed or destroyed, putting your workers in immediate danger from the threat of stings from bee populations that can easily exceed 100,000.

This is particularly dangerous when a worker is unaware that he or she is allergic to bee stings. If help is not nearby, a serious health crisis – even loss of life – is possible.

Bees are also a concern when they inhabit structures built where their habitats were disrupted. Honey bees often build hives in the many voids in buildings’ beams and walls. Their hives can quickly cause significant structural damage, and the honey in abandoned hives will rot, creating a terrible odor and attracting insects, rodents, mold and fungus.

Aggressive Africanized honey bees are present in the southern states we serve, and disturbing an Africanized hive can be life-threatening even for non-allergic workers. Because of our expertise with aggressive bees, many general pest control companies call on Trutech® to handle these dangerous situations.

If not properly removed and treated, bees will continue to rebuild hives all over your site.


Bee removal is a delicate procedure and should only be done by trained professionals. Because honey bees are beneficial to the environment, live honey bee removal is preferred but not always possible. When feasible, our teams will work with our network of local beekeepers to relocate the hives.

It’s important to remove the honeycomb along with the honey bee hive. If a honey bee hive is inside a wall void and the honeycomb is left behind, the honey will rot and attract pests – and bees from other colonies will likely show up to explore the vacant cavity. Also, with no bees tending the honey, it will ooze down through your new ceilings and cause electrical and wall damage, not to mention a big mess.

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Raccoon Control

Although they may seem cute and harmless, raccoons are a serious health and safety concern when in close proximity to people. Raccoons become extremely territorial as they search for sources of “people food” and can pose a threat to those who unexpectedly step into their paths.

Inside buildings, raccoons destroy wires, ductwork and insulation. They also create “latrine sites,” which threaten the air quality inside any enclosed space. Plus, as raccoons become established, they invite other wandering raccoons to join them for breeding purposes.

Finally, raccoons are a major disease carrier and are one of the primary wildlife carriers of rabies. Raccoons can also be infected with distemper, mange and several parasites including fleas, lice, mites, ticks, roundworms, tapeworms and flatworms.


Our professional raccoon trapping and removal services protect your new construction sites and your workers’ health and safety, while ensuring that the animals are handled properly. We also offer solutions for clean-up and sanitization of latrine sites as well as exclusion repairs to keep raccoons out of your buildings.

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Skunk Control

Skunks are highly adaptive creatures and among the most dangerous nuisance animals in urban and suburban areas. During construction, they will hide under decks or porches, invade attic spaces or even conceal themselves under newly installed bathtubs. If they become stuck inside walls, they can die, delaying the close of a home sale.

Skunks are also responsible for spreading rabies within their species and others. Unfortunately, they are rarely persuaded to vacate areas where they are not wanted. By trapping and removing skunks from your property, you can reduce the chance that they will breed, spray or attract other skunks.


When it comes to assessing and resolving skunk issues, Trutech® technicians’ skill and expertise are unmatched. We can effectively trap and remove these creatures as well as provide solutions to keep these animals from returning.

Trutech offers a variety of skunk control options, including trapping and fecal contamination remediation. Our technicians are experienced in finding reliable solutions to make your sites and workspaces safe and free of skunk activity.

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Squirrel Control

Squirrels are among the most destructive animals, constantly gnawing on just about any material – from flooring to countertops – in order to trim the length of their sharp incisor teeth. They often gnaw holes through building exteriors, and when the holes are large enough, squirrels will enter to nest and breed.

Inside a building, squirrels mat insulation and contaminate it with urine and feces. Their constant gnawing can damage wiring, which creates a significant fire danger and requires costly repairs.

If left alone, several generations of squirrels will call your property their home in no time.


Trutech® can provide squirrel trapping and removal services as well as squirrel-proofing and exterior repairs to keep new squirrels from coming into your sites. Squirrels can typically be removed within a week.

We can also remove droppings and decontaminate affected areas. In cases where sites have become infested, Trutech can implement a squirrel population reduction program customized to your needs.

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