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How Did an Animal Get into My Asheville Home?

Typical Nuisance Wildlife in Asheville Buncombe County is home to sixty mammals. Bears, bobcats, deer, and alleged mountain lions are some of the most well-known mammals in the area. It’s rare for one of the larger mammals to become a nuisance [...]

Raccoon Removal in Euless, TX

A homeowner in Euless heard loud noises from his attic at night. Nocturnal creatures, raccoons are also incredibly vocal. Baby raccoons will call out constantly making noises like mewing, crying, and whining. During the inspection, we found a [...]

Oklahoma City Squirrel in Chimney

Squirrel Removal in Oklahoma City This little guy fell down a chimney into someone's fireplace in Oklahoma City. While surprised, he was otherwise uninjured. Not all of our solutions involve live traps or catch poles. If flues are metal or clay, [...]

Jacksonville Norway Rat Control

Recently, a Jacksonville homeowner called us because she heard noises under her floors. After a thorough inspection, we found evidence of Norway rats in her crawlspace. During the rat inspection, we found rat feces and evidence of rat activity [...]

13 Critter Most Likely to Invade South Central Homes

Animals have the same basic needs as people -- food, water, and shelter. Wildlife enters your home and property in search of resources to satisfy those needs. It is important to know the wildlife that lives around you in order to prevent [...]