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Bee Removal Dallas-Fort Worth

Bees, wasps, and other stinging insects are most active during warmer months. Most native bees and wasps pose little risk. Approximately 90% of bees native to Texas are solitary species. Solitary bees do not defend their nest sites. Social [...]

Juvenile Squirrel Removal in Dallas

Dallas homeowners noticed a strange smell from the fireplace. Not long after noticing the smell, they began to hear soft, high-pitched chirping.   Juvenile Squirrels in Chimney We found three squirrels abandoned down in the chimney. It [...]

Snakes in Dallas-Fort Worth

Snakes typically enter a home or a business searching for food, water, or shelter, especially during the summer months. In Texas, snakes will often retreat from the heat by entering a building. Texas is home to over 100 species and subspecies of [...]