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A Wild Animal in Your Home Can Turn Any Holiday Hectic

The holiday season is here! As you prepare for the holiday season, we want to help you keep uninvited guests from showing up. If you haven't already, the next few weeks you'll be pulling out seasonal decorations from your closets, basements, and [...]

Juvenile Squirrel Removal in Dallas

Dallas homeowners noticed a strange smell from the fireplace. Not long after noticing the smell, they began to hear soft, high-pitched chirping.   Juvenile Squirrels in Chimney We found three squirrels abandoned down in the chimney. It [...]

These Homeowners Found Babies Opossums in a Most Unexpected Place

These homeowners in Lancaster, Texas were in for quite a surprise. A family of opossums had a den in their attic. Opossums are excellent climbers, and this mama opossum was likely looking for a secure shelter to den with her babies. These baby [...]

Rat Damage & Diseases

Rat Damage Rats destroy property with their constant gnawing, as they chew through wooden structures and wires. This behavior can lead to electrical shorts and even devastating building fires. The pests burrow under buildings, which make the [...]

How to Get Rid of Raccoons

Do you ever see raccoons on your property or in your neighborhood? Raccoons are cute from a distance but can cause enormous amounts of damage to your property. Let us explore how to safely remove raccoons from your property and keep your [...]

Shrew vs. Mole

Comparing Shrews and Moles Many homeowners struggle to tell if tiny animals digging around in the yard are shrews or moles. Although these two types of rodents are alike, there a few differences between them. Shrew vs. Mole Characteristics Shews [...]

What Does a Scorpion Look Like?

How Many Legs Does a Scorpion Have? Confusion about how these strange pests are classified makes many people wonder “is a scorpion an insect?” In fact, because they have eight legs like ticks and spiders, scorpions are not insects. [...]

Scorpion Sting

Are Scorpions Dangerous? All species of scorpion sting, using venom to stun or kill prey. After an insect is stung, the scorpion bites it repeatedly to make smaller, edible pieces. These pests also use their stingers as a defense against large [...]

Rabbit Diseases

Rabbits and Tularemia While most homeowners consider rabbits pests because they eat garden plants, their ability to spread disease is also cause for concern. Tularemia is the most common rabbit disease. Hunting season puts people at the highest [...]

Rabbit Poop

Homeowners may spend many hours weeding and caring for their gardens only to attract rabbits. These animals eat both vegetables and flowers, as do squirrels and groundhogs. To find the culprit, check for rabbit poop around damaged plants. [...]