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13 Critter Most Likely to Invade South Central Homes

Animals have the same basic needs as people -- food, water, and shelter. Wildlife enters your home and property in search of resources to satisfy those needs. It is important to know the wildlife that lives around you in order to prevent [...]

How to Get Rid of Squirrels

Did you know that squirrels are a great contributor to plant growth? Seeds are a major part of a squirrel’s diet, and because squirrels constantly bury and save their seeds, we benefit from seeds that are left uneaten. However, when a squirrel [...]

Top 20 Critters Found in the Southeast

Are you familiar with the wildlife around you? Many property owners do not realize what critters live amongst them until a problem arises. Let us explore what critters you can expect to see if you live amongst North Carolina, South Carolina, [...]

Rat Damage & Diseases

Rat Damage Rats destroy property with their constant gnawing, as they chew through wooden structures and wires. This behavior can lead to electrical shorts and even devastating building fires. The pests burrow under buildings, which make the [...]

How to Get Rid of Raccoons

Do you ever see raccoons on your property or in your neighborhood? Raccoons are cute from a distance but can cause enormous amounts of damage to your property. Let us explore how to safely remove raccoons from your property and keep your [...]

Worried you have animals in your attic? Five signs you have an unwelcome guest

Since they're warm and often undisturbed by humans, attics make great nesting options for many unwanted critters. Most often these pests seek shelter in attics to survive harsh weather during winter or raise young during the spring. Why is there [...]

Five Bat Myths and Four Facts You Won’t Believe

Bats are nocturnal, carnivorous, furry warm-blooded mammals. There are more than 1,200 species of bats. Their fingers are attached by a membrane of skin called the patagium which allows them to fly. Depending on the species of bat, their [...]

What Do Raccoons Eat?

Are Raccoons Omnivores? While “what do raccoons eat?” is a common question, it might be quicker to explain what they don’t eat. Raccoons are omnivores and scavengers, so they consume almost anything. However, fish, insects, and [...]

Baby Raccoons

What Are Baby Raccoons Called? A baby raccoon is called a kit. These pests mate in winter and give birth by late spring. Being born so early in the year gives kits a chance to build and store plenty of fat to survive the winter. How Many Babies [...]

Are Raccoons Dangerous?

Are Raccoons Dangerous to People? Raccoons typically cause problems by rummaging through garbage cans, raiding pet food, and disrupting quiet neighborhoods at night. However, like most wildlife, raccoon behavior may turn aggressive when these [...]