We have a kitchen air vent that has been used by starlings for nesting. We would like to have the vent checked for bird removal (if needed, as I think the starlings have moved on), and for repair as needed. I have a few questions: Do you charge a coming out and inspection/evaluation fee? Do you do bird removal only or do you also do repairs to vents and install needed covers etc. How soon can you come out to do an inspection/evaluation?

-Chesapeake, VA


Vents have been a favorite location for starlings and other small birds for some time. Vents provide the perfect combination of seclusion from predators and protection from the weather for young birds to grow. Trutech can provide an inspection of the vent to confirm the birds have left the nest, perform nest removal, and provide repairs to prevent future birds from using the vents on your home.

Removal of the birds and nesting materials may not fully solve other concerns you may not see at this time. Bird mites are a mite carried on the birds and infest in the nesting materials. Once the birds have fledged out, the mite’s food source is no longer present, which will cause the mites to seek out a new food source. Thousands of mites will then start spreading out to locate a host. Trutech can also treat for mites. To schedule a service or inspection, please call our office.