My daughter saw a medium size black snake a couple weeks ago in our front flower area under the living room window on the ground. The snake went under the house through a vent in the foundation. Yesterday, I found two snake skins on the right hand side of the house. I am wondering if an inspection under the house should be done and then the vents repaired or replaced. My wife is EXTREMELY scared of snakes and I cannot afford to have one in the house and to ease her mind under the house. Any suggestions or recommendations are appreciated.

– Bill from Durham, NC


If it is possible to access the area under the house, then we will certainly inspect that area, and remove any snakes that we can locate. However, snakes are masters at evading detection, and it is possible that any snakes present may not be located. The best approach for this situation would be to inspect the area for snakes, set a few traps under the house, and seal any openings such as the vents to prevent egress and ingress.

If any snakes remain under the house, the traps will hold them, allowing us to remove them upon trap checks. It is also highly recommended that you utilize our snake control program. We will inspect the yard for snakes and remove any that we locate. We will help you identify any likely harboring areas and either tell you how to modify these areas to be less conducive for snakes, or potentially help you to modify these areas. We apply deterrent to the foundation and set traps for those stubborn individuals. This is a monthly control program.