I have a problem with skunks and raccoons eating my pet food at night. I know I need to remove the food, but skunks may be nesting under the deck. I have seen 2 different skunks and 3 raccoons (all three at same time).

-Inman, SC


You are right on target with your plan to remove the food source. If complete food source removal is not possible due to pets being outside animals only, then we recommend removing the food from before dusk until after dawn. Raccoons and skunks are primarily nocturnal (active after dusk to before dawn) and crepuscular (most active at dawn/dusk). After a plan for the pet food is put in place, we recommend a trapping session to remove the animals that have created the habit of hanging around your home. A full inspection of the attic and crawlspace is necessary to ensure these animals are not entering your home. If the animals are getting under your deck or into your home, we will recommend a plan to close current and potential entry points in order to keep them out. Luckily, skunk and raccoon trapping are very similar, and the sessions can happen at the same time. Other measures, such as sanitization or clean-up of fecal matter, may be necessary depending on the situation. Your Trutech technician will be able to advise you further upon inspection.