I need help with removing three pigeons from inside of our warehouse.

-Houston, TX


Trutech can handle this problem. There are a few different methods we can take. The first would be trapping with a colony cage trap. This cage style allows you the opportunity to catch multiple pigeons in the same trap. This method typically takes 5-7 days. If the pigeons are using the warehouse for nesting and roosting only, they may not be interested in feeding, which would make the trapping session more difficult.

Another approach would be to assess and remove any pigeon nests and apply deterrents to the active areas. Any pigeons that land on the deterrent will quickly learn not to land there again, which will force the pigeons to find a new place to roost. This method typically takes an entire day because of slow operation with extension lifts.

Lastly, if neither of the first two methods are successful, Trutech can undergo an aggressive population reduction method. Using the correct safety procedures, pellet rifles will be used to harvest the pigeons in the warehouse. Trutech will work with employees to ensure the pigeons are removed quickly and efficiently. In most cases, Trutech will perform this service after hours to avoid interaction with working employees. This method usually takes 1-2 shoots, and each shoot consists of 2-3 hours.