I have pigeons roosting near one of my windows. They are creating damage and leaving horrible droppings. I need someone to somehow remove/deter them from staying there and to clean up the droppings.

-Philadelphia, PA


Trutech will solve the issue. Pigeon droppings can lead to serious health concerns, so it’s important to remove the feces and sanitize the contaminated area. Once the droppings are removed and the area has been sanitized, Trutech will apply a deterrent to the window sill which will prevent future activity.

Our deterrents are “green” and environmentally friendly. The main ingredient is cayenne pepper, which has the same effect on pigeons as it does on humans: it burns! When a pigeon lands on the deterrent and begins grooming itself, it will start to feel the effects of the cayenne pepper. The pigeons are not harmed but will feel the burn and know better than to land near that area again. The deterrents will last a full month in the weather and should be applied frequently throughout the year. This will prevent future activity and keep your window pigeon-free.

The feces removal, sanitization, and application of deterrents usually takes 1-2 hours but varies based on the amount of work and the difficulty of the job.