I live in a community where some animals have been chasing and trying to attack residents. It may be an otter. Do you trap otters?

-Houston, TX


Yes, otters are a nuisance species that have detrimental effects on fish populations in lakes, ponds, and coy ponds. Trutech will inspect the property and come up with a plan to solve the otter issue quickly and efficiently. The process includes specific trap placement in active areas. Otters like to travel along borders, walls, and embankments. Because of this behavior, we trap in these areas.

If active areas in the community are surrounded by heavy human traffic, we will mark off the area with caution tape and install signs indicating that a trapping session is taking place and the area is prohibited for entry. We do not want to portray a negative public appearance; therefore, all trapping sessions must be approved by both Trutech and the community board or homeowners’ association. If both parties approve, we will undergo the trapping session and remove the otters from the area.