We recently discovered a mouse in our air duct this evening. We have placed a trap but are not sure if there is a larger problem at hand. We were hoping for someone to come help remedy the situation if possible.

-Alexandria, VA


Mice in air ducts is often an indicator of a larger problem. One misconception we often come across is when homeowners set their own traps, catch a mouse or two, and think the problem is resolved. Unfortunately, this is usually far from the truth. Mice are often neophobic and can be cautious of traps, especially after a few have been caught.

Being at the bottom of the food chain also requires mice to breed at a very high rate. One female is able to produce an average litter of 5-8 young every 20-25 days. She is actually able to become pregnant again just hours after giving birth to a litter.

Given that mice become mature at around 6 weeks and can then start having litters of their own, you can see how this problem could get out of hand very quickly.

To keep mice out of air ducts, Trutech technicians use knowledge from their educational background and extensive training to determine the best areas to concentrate treatment of your home.

This begins with a complete “top to bottom, inside and out” inspection of the home. We want to know where the mice have been, what areas are currently experiencing the most activity, and what may be attracting them to these areas.