I have a hornets nest on a second floor eave and would like to have it removed. The hornets were very active this summer, but that seems to have died down.

-Chapel Hill, NC


The only safe and effective way to remove hornets is to treat the hive and remove it afterwards. We are fully equipped with and trained on ladders and equipment that allow us to reach high spots on your home, and safely handle stinging insect issues. Once the hive is removed we can also treat your eaves, soffits, and porch overhangs with a residual pesticide in order to help prevent hornets from attempting to rebuild.

In addition, we can also inspect, and if necessary, treat your attic. The attic is an extremely common location for wasps and hornets to overwinter and take refuge. These treatments, while effective, are also only temporary due to the fact that pesticides break down over time. We recommend ongoing services which would include regular treatments to help prevent any new wasps and hornets from turning your home into theirs.