I have an old feral cat who has a bad cold and needs treatment. He has gone under my crawl space and is contained with my trap set under the house but going nowhere near it. I do feral cat rescues quite a lot, but this one has me stumped and I have to get him to my vet, who will be right over once I contain him in a trap. Can you help trap feral cats, maybe with a zip net?

– Raleigh, NC

We have a few options when it comes to removing feral cats from crawl spaces. Our first option is to employ feral cat traps with a few different techniques (pre-baiting the area, different scents, potentially a drop trap if it still refuses to come near). Our other option in this case would be to remove the cat using a catch pole.

The amount of time for these two options obviously varies greatly. If you would like us to continue to help you trap, a reasonable time period could be a few days. If we came out with a catch pole, we could possibly remove the feral cat on the same day.