We have had bees in our roof several times. They have been treated but just come back a few months later. They are here again. Can you give us a quote and explain what is your procedure? Do you remove the whole honeycomb? If so, how do you do it? Thanks for your attention.

-Boca Raton, FL


Removing the entire comb is always recommended, but not always feasible. We will inspect the area and determine the feasibility of removal and let you know our plan. Sometimes we can open up the soffit, scrape it out, and replace the soffit vents. We are sometimes able to remove it from the attic. Other times require cutting it out through the roof, the ceiling, or from the wall outside. If none of these options work for the situation, then we offer a stinging insect prevention program whereby we treat the void every two months to prevent other bees from colonizing the area. This option doesn’t remove the comb that is already there, but it prevents the comb from growing.