Can you please help us get rid of some bed bugs? We have them all over the house.

– Georgetown, TX

Before we begin I would ask exactly how long these insects have been pestering you and exactly where they are. This will give us an understanding of the severity of your issue. We want to make sure that we take care of the main focus area, but we also want to make sure that they haven’t/don’t have a chance to spread.

Our approach to this situation would be to use a heat treatment in conjunction with a growth regulating spray. While insecticides can be effective by themselves, they won’t take care of the bed bugs’ eggs which have yet to hatch. By using a steamer we can get into cracks and crevices to eliminate the immediate bed bugs as well as the eggs which we may not see.

The growth regulating spray is more of a safety net rather than a solution. Its intent is to stop any adolescents that may have survived from reaching adulthood, which also stops them from reproducing. To treat the focus area as well as surrounding areas may take more than a few hours depending on the severity.