Beavers have almost destroyed our backyard at our rental home. Please let me know how to proceed with your services for beaver removal.

-Sunset, SC

A beaver is accessing our property from the creek and harvesting trees. If the city allows it to continue and build a dam, the creek will flood. It already floods without a beaver dam. So far, they are saying it is on my property, and it is my responsibility. In the past, we have been told that we are not allowed to do anything regarding the creek and creek bed. Would you provide a quote for capturing and removing the beaver?

-Brevard, NC


Yes, we can handle the beaver problem. Beavers are extremely diligent workers and will continue causing issues until they are removed from the property. Trutech will undertake an intense trapping session and trap for a specific number of days or until activity stops, whichever comes first.

Beavers target an area and work there consistently until they need more resources. As a result, they will develop a “slide.” These are visible mud slides that the beavers create from repeatedly going in and out of the water. It’s important to locate beaver slides in order to have a more successful trapping session.

Once all beavers are removed, it’s important to remove any dams created by the beavers because it may result in ponds/lakes flooding and causing further damage to surrounding areas. The process of beaver removal typically takes 10-14 days.