Hi, I have 1-2 bats that are clinging to a screen on the outside of my house, under an attic gable vent, and their guano has built up quite a bit. They are NOT in the house, but I’d rather not have them on the outside either. Do you provide guano removal? And could you possibly put a screen on the outside of the vent to prevent the bats from returning? This is a high vent that requires a tall ladder.

Apex, NC


This is something we deal with on a regular basis. If you have this significant of guano buildup, I would suggest not only doing exactly what you have been talking about, but also letting us inspect your property for any other potential entry points. When the bats are evicted from the vent, they will naturally look for another way into their — or in this case, your — home. Also. while you may not see bats in the attic or home, you are not necessarily in the clear. The urine and guano of bats are very corrosive and can deteriorate the bottom of gable vents. Eventually the vent will rot and bats will inhabit the space between the walls and brick, siding, or rock. Don’t procrastinate, as guano can build up fast inside these voids. This not only causes the health risks you hear about but can attract other bats for years to come.