I have my flower beds ruined every night by probably an armadillo. I have spread animal deterrents in the flower beds, but that has not worked so far. Can you help?

-Dallas, TX


Yes, Trutech can handle this problem. We would start with an inspection to see how best to provide a solution, as every situation is different and we provide a customized plan for every customer. In this situation, we begin by trapping. This process will be effective as early as the first day/night but may take as long as 5-7 days to remove all of the problem animals.

Once the problem animals are removed from the property, we look to provide a permanent solution. If the armadillos are digging under a fence, we can perform exclusion services to prevent the armadillos from being able to burrow underneath the fence going forward. This service is backed with a warranty. Exclusion services typically take 1-2 additional days, but vary based on the amount of work needed to be done.