Hello! We have been experiencing a lot of problems with some kind of animal under our porch here lately. It’s been so bad that we are scared to stay in our home.

-Tallahassee, FL


Many animals are known to take up residence under a deck or porch. Decks and porches provide excellent shelter away from other potential predatory animals. The most common animals are skunks, armadillo, raccoons, opossum, and even feral cats and foxes. If you have any pets, it’s a good idea to go outside and check before you let them outside. Try stomping your feet and making loud noises. Although this will most likely not deter the animal away, it will possibly make it move, which will give you an idea if there is something present at that time. Many of these animals carry diseases such as leptospirosis, rabies, and leprosy, so it’s important that you don’t reach your hand down any hole that the animal might have dug, or in any openings you clearly cannot see in.

Most animals usually gain access to porches and decks through openings in lattices or by digging a hole. Don’t try to block the opening(s) before you call Trutech to remove the animal. Trying to block the area could scare or aggravate the animal resulting in the animal possibly attacking. It is important that you speak to your technician about inspecting your home for any other possible entry points, as well as developing a solution to animal proofing your porch. Many of our customers are relieved to hear that Trutech has the ability to seal your home for all types of animals. You can rest assured that Trutech can solve your problem, no matter what it takes!