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When animals such as squirrels, raccoons, rats, bats, birds, or mice take up residence in your attic, they destroy the insulation. Insulation makes great nesting for mothers and babies and becomes contaminated with feces and urine. The heating and air conditioning system carries the contaminated air throughout your home, causing severe respiratory problems, such as asthma. Trutech technicians are trained in the removal of contaminated insulation and the re-installation of a variety of insulation.

Blown In Fiberglass Loose-Fill
The U.S. Department of Energy states that one of the most cost-effective ways to cut heating and cooling costs in order to make a home more comfortable is to add more insulation in the attic. The formaldehyde-free blown in fiberglass loose-fill insulation Trutech installs will reduce noise and is fire-resistant and noncombustible.

Icynene Insulation
Icynene Insulation is the leading 100% water-blown soft foam insulation. It creates a superior air-seal which effectively minimizes air leakage, and delivers advanced moisture control, healthy air, and energy savings of up to 50%.

Bora Insulation
Trutech offers a special Pest Resistant Insulation which will help prevent an infestation of self-grooming insects such as roaches, ants, earwigs, crickets, beetles, and certain termites where the product is applied.

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