Iguana Control, Iguana Removal, West Palm Beach, Ft Lauderdale, Florida

Iguana Removal and ControlIguana Control and Iguana Removal is an ongoing solution in West Palm Beach, Ft Lauderdale and all Southern Florida. The area has often been victim to a variety of invasive non-native wildlife and reptile species. The Reptile that has thrived are the Iguanas. Iguanas are very large lizard-like creatures that were brought to southern Florida and particularly the West Palm Beach area as pets. As these iguanas get larger their owners feel they can no longer keep them and in turn releases their Iguana into the wild. This is why iguana control and iguana removal has become one of most common nuisance wildlife call in West Palm Beach.

Iguana Species in West Palm Beach

The three most common members of the iguana family found in south Florida and particularly the West Palm Beach/Ft Lauderdale area are:

  • Green iguana
  • Mexican spiny-tailed iguana
  • Black spiny-tailed iguana

Iguanas as a nuisance in Southern Florida

We are experts in Iguana Control and Iguana Removal. Iguanas can be a very frustrating species to deal with as their diet includes just about everything a home owner uses in landscaping. An adult iguana can also destroy ornamental plants if it decides to make it's home in your yard. An iguana's natural instinct is to defecate near, and typically in, water. This means that an iguana living in your yard may be using your pool as it's bathroom. Their fecal material is a known carrier of salmonella, and can quickly dissolve in the pool's chemical bases, waiting for someone to accidentally swallow a mouthful. Iguanas also dig nesting burrows, which can crack sidewalks, ruin sea walls and in more serious cases, damage wall and house foundations.

With The dangers with iguanas do not stop at your landscaping. While the animal is not typically aggressive, any iguana owner can tell you they can be very dangerous. Nature has done its job well equipping iguanas for climbing and as a result their claws are razor sharp and very strong, and their teeth are dangerous than their claws. They have very sharp, jagged teeth, similar to a shark's mouth structure, to help them rip plant material up in order to eat it. So if an iguana feels threatened by you, your pet, or a family member and bites, it is going to leave a nasty wound and a potentially devastating scar, as the serrated teeth do not leave a clean bite.

The animals are also known to clamp down like a snapping turtle when they feel threatened and will not let go. Lizards and iguanas, in particular, carry a variety of bacterium in their mouth, and given the severity of the bites this particular animal can inject a lot of that bacterium which can cause infection in the victim.

TruTech LLC., is set up to take care of iguana control and iguana removal in a variety of ways from live trapping to repellents. The iguana is a nuisance and dangerous and you should always let the professionals take care it for you.

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