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Bat control and bat removal can help prevent damages by some of the most destructive, dangerous and most unique animals in the world. They are the only mammals that can fly, are primarily nocturnal, and eat a diet made up of almost exclusively insects. They are very beneficial to humans because of their affinity for many flying insects, such as mosquitoes. Many people find that bat control and bat removal services are necessary if they find their way into your home and take up residence.

Bats in Attic occur most often when they enter a home or other structure through small gaps or cracks around the walls, roof line, chimneys, or gable vents of homes. They can enter through a gap as small as the tip of your little finger, which means almost every home or building is susceptible to them, unless it has been professionally bat-proofed with bat removal and bat control techniques. Having bats in your attic or any other part of your home is a serious problem. Not only do they urinate and defecate anywhere they roost, causing staining and odor problems, they are associated with dozens of diseases which are dangerous to humans, including histoplasmosis (a lung disease caused by the spores of fungus which grow on their droppings or guano) and rabies. Bats are the cause of most rabies exposures in humans because they are the most common rabies vector which we come in contact with, mostly because they infest our homes on a regular basis. Not all bats carry rabies, but there is a high enough incidence of the disease that any exposure carries that risk.

Bats at Entry Point - If you have bats in your home, you cannot afford to ignore the problem. Not only does the danger increase the longer they are there, the cost of bat control and bat removal will increase the longer you wait. They will continue to contaminate and ruin insulation, wall boards, and anything else they come in contact with. Eventually your home will begin to take on a foul odor, which may be difficult or impossible to fully remove.

To get rid of bats, bat control and bat removal procedures must first be safely and humanely applies to remove them from the structure. Since bats are a protected species, this must be done by a trained bat control and bat removal professional. Trutech technicians are experts at bat control and bat removal, and are equipped with the proper safety equipment and knowledge to perform exclusion and repairs to your home or business so they cannot reenter. Once the bats have been excluded, they can do any bat control cleanup necessary to make it safe for humans, and can even remove and/or replace contaminated insulation from your home. Although bats eat insects, there are also many types of insects (including roaches, mites and ants) which live in bat roosts. These must also be exterminated to fully complete the job. Our bat control and bat removal technicians are licensed and trained to perform this service as well.

Once Trutech provides bat control and bat removal for your home or business, we stand by our work and can usually provide you with a renewable warranty against further infestation. If you have a further need of bat control and bat removal or any recurrence of bats through the work that Trutech has performed, we will remove them and make any repairs needed for the duration of the warranty. We can handle all aspects of bat control and bat removal problems, and look forward to making your home or business safe from bats for good!

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